Thursday, July 31, 2008

Wild Boar Curry Anyone

This is pre dark knight makan

gosh really lovely

forget the pounds the food is yummy

Com!!! time for round 2

Bak Kut Teh for 2

It was a lovely few weeks ago when a fren drop by in town to grab me for breakfast. Bak Kut Teh hmmm not had it in a long time. It was a great shop and the meat and soup excellent

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Oh Glorious Food and Damm Good Music - Japanese

Oh Glorious Food and Damm Good Music

Selling Furniture

The time has come to start selling furniture and you definitely need a lorry and a delivery guy, so your truly aside from selling furniture is the lorry driver and the furniture guy,

Also for sale a limited time only, single bed, TV, Eating Table etc etc

Monday, July 28, 2008

Mutton Bone Marrow - Slurp

Name: Vitya
Address: Taman Desa

Those who loves mutton with bone marrow, or bone marrow just like that, cooked with typical indian food with curry leaves, this place is worth a try.

6 of us went there and it was worth every slurp heck if you cant suck well they even gave you a straw

Friday, July 25, 2008

Me and Junior Vadai go to the movies

Where everybody knows your name

Magic Fingers

Listen to his finger make music and your transported especially if his kick gets in


Hanuman is one of the most popular gods of Hindus. He is also known by other names like Hanumat. His mother’s name was Anjana. Based on her mother’s name, Hanuman is sometimes called as Anjaneya, that is, one born of Anjana. His father’s name was Vayu. According to Hindu mythology, Vayu is the god of winds. Hanuma’s image shows him as a strong man with the face of a monkey. He also has a tail.

Hanuman is a very powerful and strong god. He finds an important place in the Ramayana. He was a devotee of Rama, a form (avatar) of Vishnu, a god of Hindus.

Music Anyone - Worth Going

25, 26 JULY & 1, 2 AUGUST

Eight talented artistes, 4 nights and 1 venue makes for 2 weekends of great live jazz entertainment. The Sunrise Jazz & Rhythm Fest 2008 returns for the 9th consecutive year on July 25-26 and August 1-2

25 July
Lewis Pragasam & Friends with Diana Liu, Mia Palencia, Wave Alchemist by Dennis Lau with Gina Panizales.

26 July
Mia Palencia, Bassgroove 100, Phunk Mob

1 August
Farid Ali, Karen Nunis Blackstone, Bassgroove 100.

2 August
Hunny Madu, Karen Nunis Blackstone, Phunk Mob.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Why a good head??

Good head enchants. It teases the eyes, inviting the curious to explore the unknown. The texture of head varies as much as the stars in the sky. Head can be rocky and voluminous, billowing up above the edge of the glass, or smooth and creamy, made of tightly knit bubbles. At times it may be loose and foamy. It can be as white as the snows on Mount Kilimanjaro, or as tawny and tan as the Girl from Ipanema.

Does it serve a purpose? What constitutes good head on beer? How does it form?

Those who analyze beer insist that head is a necessary part of the beer experience. When served in glassware that has been properly cleaned and is of the correct shape, head will hold the delicate aromatics within the beer, and release them gently for your olfactory pleasure. Gases that live within bubbles that form the head will affect mouthfeel, creating sensations that differ on your tongue. When formed as a result of the natural carbon dioxide created by the action of yeast, bubbles will feel more tingly and effervescent than the creamy ones infused with a mix of carbon dioxide and nitrogen. Each style demands its own type of head, or rather, the proteins in barley or wheat malt, coupled with bittering hops, will determine the outcome of the head for each style.

Enough information for a day hehehehe

Almost Heaven

Parcel to Kambodia

A parcel of surprises