Sunday, February 14, 2010

MHL - my two cents

Its never an easy task doing what they in MHL is doing. not many months ago I walked along similar lines trying to do the same. Its never an easy mountain to climb, getting teams, publicity, press releases its a thankless job to the finish line. As I sat in the usual corner watching some of the matches I notice two things

1. People trying to work and make something happen
2. People trying to find fault with every single attempt

Congratulations are in order to the team that ran MHL. They dare to break out of the mold and try new things, new directions in the face of challenges and criticism and the possibility of mistakes that may happen. Its a huge.. HUGE step form the same old dour year to year league.

Public perception of the sport, of the league are not going to change in one season, but it lifted it up a notch. The national team being where they are aint gonna be helpful. Every sport popularity depends on the success of the national team. We do not have to look any futher then national soccer team is a prime example, what they U23 team did galvanized the sport over the short term. Suddenly everyone is talking about it.

When is the last time we saw hockey... local hockey on Astro. When was the last time you saw hockey in your home town (if you are outside of KL) ? Along side this "out of kl" roadshow there was a lot of side line activities for development. Yes, TNB was a catalyst to this.

For the teams, as I read the morning paper there were accolades and brickbats but a few comments stood out. Tenaga coach Manjit Singh attributed their success to the way “we take care of our players’ welfare”. A crucial statement that is sorely lacking in hockey these days. Teams like Maybank, Tenaga and others likes them part of the CSR and love for the game have continues year in and year out to build on this. Other corporate organization , like Pos Malaysia, PKNS, Petronas and other large organization must be encouraged along the same lines.

State affiliates have also contributed to the decline ofthe National League. The failure to have a simple league. May be the MHF should look at arm twisting, encouraging, demanding what ever the lingo maybe for state to have a league. Of course money is always the issue, but it does not mean we stop playing, the affiliates do not realize the domino effect they are apart of that has lead to the decline of the hockey in this country.

While there are complaints and cries and all what not I have yet to see a state come up to the plate and say, HELP US. All it takes is for each state to run a league, complete one, then move on to the next and the next over the long term over a synchronized calendar both locally and nationals you have success knocking on your door. Soon these teams will graduate to the bigger playing platform.

When people do not play, when there is no playing opportunity we will fail and trust me we are not far from that.

To the MHL Team, this is you moment in the sun, bask in its glory, but please have a book called lesson learned so you can write in them and move forward.

Well done

Monday, February 08, 2010

Snow Patrol - Just Say Yes

Sometimes you only need to say YES

New Super Bowl Champs

gosh the amount of stories they gonna write about this one

Saints win Super Bowl XLIV 31 - 17!!!

For the Record I am an New York Giants fan

Superbowl XLIV between the Saints and Colts

In the end .."This is one of the beautiful things about sports. They just won't p lay out like you expect. This game was supposed to be a high-scoring free-for-all. This game was supposed to go to Indianapolis ... especially after they took the 10-0 early lead. This game was supposed to come down to the brilliance of Peyton Manning. And instead, the Saints came up with a gutsy game plan, a tough defensive scheme, and a huge interception of Peyton Manning himself. It's a great win for the Saints and the city of New Orleans."

In summary the chant from the Saints

“Who dat say dey gonna beat dem Saints”.

his win is not for me. It's for the city of New Orleans, the state of Lousiana, the fans that lined the roads after every game cheering on the team. This is a win for heart, emotion, and comebacks. The comeback city of America is New Orleans. Honestly, there are no losers in this game. But in this Super Bowl, this trophy, this title, mean s so much more than just words and a metal block. Cue music. End scene.


Final score: Colts 17 - 31 Saints

Never underestimate the power of emotion... and talent.

MIAMI -- Who are 'dese Super Bowl champions?

A team that spent most of their 43 years of existence as consummate losers and were almost driven out of New Orleans forever by a hurricane that had the owner looking for new homes from San Antonio to Los Angeles.

Meet Drew Brees and the New Orleans Saints, who lit up their city and most of the nation with a 31-17 upset Sunday of the Indianapolis Colts.

New Orleans Saints - Super Bowl XLIV

The New Orleans Saints will make their first Super Bowl appearance in club history. A city devastated by Kattrina only 5 years ago, a team without a winning season except for the last few years.

A team that no one expected to reach the finals. The Underdog. A city still recovering from Katrina coming together hoping their club will win the Super Bowl XLIV

Hockey - Rules we have to live by ( and some)

I am not a Hockey critic but a hockey supporter. I rarely blog bout hockey but over the week I had an interesting chat with someone only bout hockey and I was not afraid about being quoted.

Whats are the failures of hockey? Structure - People - Planing. I dont even plan to start don't even start on funding coz its immaterial, without that 3 might as well not talk about it.

At any point in any organization at any given time there are weakness bout structural and people. Structural can be changed, modified and strengthen but people?? There will never be a fool proof situation. What is needed is a simple understanding of our limitations, our strengths and working your way forward. What is is needs in a business like thinking? What the drawback is everyone is thinking that's their way forward?

In most business from time to time (putting aside your budget meetings), the management, senior management gather together, where the CEO or MD or President outlines his goals get fedback and comes out with a general plan for Hockey. You dun need to do it in a 5 star hotel or a RM500 bucks a day meetign room. With the progression made on communication just emails should suffice.

Simple Agenda
1. The year we had
2. The year we wanna have.
3. This is our short term goal (2 years while we are in office)
4. This is our long term plan (3-5 years no matter we are re-elected or not)

Any any Chairperson of a subcommittee in a National or State level if they actually have a plan? A goal? A target? Its still not too late. While some may say flash words as KPI, let be bold to keep it short and simple KISS.

Once you have defined the overall objective it merely needs watering down and brain storming at the respective levels and a PLAN to reach the over all objective. Simple?

Yes it is simple, provided you have people who realise they are answerable to the position they occupy and the people they are answerable to have the gut and conviction to make changes. In the business world there is no room for slack. I work in an environment, if you do not perform chances are given, reviews are done but if you just not good enough you are shown the door. Granted that Hockey is not a money making sport and your appointment letter does not indicate a salary bracket. Hockey is still an organization, as long you have the courage and conviction you are game on.

My opening line in this thread I spoke about weakness both structural and people. If you look at the structure of hockey both male and female especially at state levels is at shambles. Poor organization set-up, old rules and consitution certain branches only come alive during SUKMA to organize.. Why? $$$$

People are afraid of change, but in actual fact if you are good in what you do, why be afraid. Any change that comes with proper planning is always welcome. When the constitution of the National Hockey Body was revamped it was in the promise that a top to bottom structure was in place. Prior to this only, a select number of reps sat in committees. Affiliated clamored for change, wanting voice.

Then was voice given to affiliates, with representatives from states allowed to sit in all committees. It gave the voice. Having the opportunity to voice out your state plans, participate in National level decisions is a gift. Today it does not seem so. The very people who approved the changes are the same very people who criticize that. The language has not changed, so why has sub-committees failed?

Its failed when States do not the nominate the right people to the right committees. It failed because the the Chairpersons appointed does not have an agreed plan. The bottom line is it fails because no one cracks the WHIP.