Monday, June 29, 2009

I am not that scary.....

I am not that scary... I am nice....

The words went like this......

I want you to do what you want to do - take the job ........ I just want you to talk to me about it. I want us to talk about what it will mean and we'll make it work. I want us to talk like we're gonna figure it out together. I want us to talk... because I like the sound of your voice. I just want to talk....


Lets listen too

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

its here its here its HERE!!!!!

Our beloved Stadium

With the progression of hockey from grass to artificial turf the game of hockey has changed. In Selangor we had 2 stadiums Pandamaran & PJ there is also another turf at UIA withign the campus

PJ turf is dead, rumors are it will be converted to a Futsal count, why not an indoor hockey court, if we cant afford to lay a new turf and we can afford to change to a futsal court why not an indoor hockey court, the infrastructure is there, the base is solid.

Nothing against futsal but already have too many mushrooming around us

Below is the state of the Pandamaran stadium. I must say this it is one of the best kept facilities with the annai and uncle there trying to keep it from falling apart.

It recently got some touch up, a little paint and a little sewing of the turf. This is the only venue for Hockey in Selangor left.

We need to upgrade a lot of thing it in but lets start small. Lets tackle the turf cleaning and the Technical Table which is rusted and already broken. Lets strategize slowly to repair the lighting, after all we paid money for it right now the lighting is dead.

Small changes like repair of the notice board and other minor stuff.

Doing OGA

Yeah in the end you see we actually doing it for all the Op-Co, we have transitioned from coordinating to organizing to actually doing.

Well OGA = Oil & Gas Asia is the de-facto biggest O&G show held every two years once, it means actual sleepless night with design and production of A-Z and I actually mean A-Z, but we planned strategically this time to recover bout 60% of the booth is reuseable.

So from sleepless nights to having every kind of fast food every night, practically sleeping in the office, to delivery, ensuring alignment, wat-you-see-is-what-you-get to awesome piece of equipments big and small, meeting old friends to making news ones especially one that drag you to the dance floor to salsa... Point to note it help not to say NO to a director lol

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Uphill Task - Hockey

Have you ever tried to start a car after a year? 2 years? 3 years? Its worst then an uphill climb. Same like trying to organize activities for a State Association. While AGM reports can be plastered with so called activities but when you are an affiliate and you do not have activities for affiliates why should you waste money and time being a members of that State Association. I might as well go and be a member of the neighbouring state. Why? Heck I get to play in a league.

So here we are, no league, no knockout over the past few years, affiliates down to a small number, most playing in a neighbouring league how do you start the car? Its not like your coffers are over flowing with cash either.

You bring people who have the drive, people you know can deliver, not yes men, not quiet men but people who can work. It will never going to be easy, you have to peel off layers, you have to encourage affiliates to come back, you got to find funds etc etc etc

Start small, kick off with small activities, dun reach for the sky, nobody is going to believe if this is all just talk. Plan a calendar, even if the participation is less plans it execute it, make it good, run the tournament, promote it, show people something is being done. People will come back, teams will come back.

You cant turn this over night nor can you hit the ground running, like the rusted ball above with a little polishing month after month year after year, if you can hold on you will find a shiny new ball below.

Publish Post

So we start off with the following

Sukses will be Jul 10-12 Press release for Champions Schools - Selangor will be released

Champions Schools Jul 18/19 - Press release for the Selangor Hockey Association K.Ramalingam Cup 8-a-side closed will be released

K.Ramalingam (god bless his soul) Cup 8-a-side will be the August 1st weekend - Press release for the Selangor League ( god willing) will be launched

SHA website --- any sponsors? I got the opportunity lol

“Some people make things happen, some watch things happen, while others wonder what has happened”


Well my love and hate relationship with hockey comes again. This time thru no fault of my own i am elected VP of a state association. I did not lobby for it I did not make a sales pitch heck I beat 6 other guys? Go figure

I dont know why back from the days in Malaysian Hockey Federation people are afraid of change. Politics and deadwood rule sport, I would say majority of the sports and hockey is no different, people are afraid to embrace technology (heck some even reluctant to get an email!!!) people are afraid to make a paradigm shift and everyone loves their comfort zone. My battles to change this still continues.

At national level at a meeting I attended, people become yes men to things that are so obvious. For example, in SUKMA if you look at the rules of the tournament the way we need restructure fixtures seem to be bogged down by red tape.

SUKMA Hoki previously was 3 groups of 3 teams means if you play one game you lose you 18 month investment in developing the team at a budget of over RM 50k with allowance for players managers ( who dont attend every training), cost not factored in are all down the drain!!

It takes 3 SUKMA to change it to a 2 group system - go figure.

Sukses - you can just have it coz you wanna have it? You can take 9 districts in Selangor tell them ok make up a team though ur district take part in a 3 day tournament and try to have 17 matches between Fri-Sun and wrap it up. Oh by the way we dun have enough funds we have to slash the budget? Hello!! BTW you only get 1 t-shirt while officials get Batik hehehe

How about doing away with elaborate fireworks or opening ceremonies or grand dinners and hand that amount to each state sports association. Trust me each state association would like nothign better then to provide the avenue for the players to compete in an equal field.

Not cramping 6 games a day at 25 minutes each half, teams playing 2 games a day and dropping dead on the field from exhaustion and getting a poor finals

Lastly people who plan calendar need to consult stae bodies. Imagine if the Sukses (U-22) was schedule wiht the National (U-23) same time.... why> people who go for meeting dun bother to make proper reports and hand over... We cant just makan kuih aje

Anyway past few night of trying to have budget meeting and strategies fixtures

Sukses will be Jul 10-12 whew!!!
Champions Schools Jul 18/19 - worth watching
K.Ramalingam (god bless his soul) Cup 8-a-side will be the August 1st weekend
National U-23 (not my tournament) Jul 16-27

I sure hope this works.

Talking to my blog

Its been about 2 months since I actually had the freedom of the drive to talk to my blog, yeah talk... Since April 1st I have been on over drive mode... new department, old politics, coming face to face with issues, more traveling, weight going yoyo, and really really stressed out both at work and at home...

I did not have the usual channels of release no no not sex but doing the things I used to do... now when work if officially over the quiet murmur from management we got to pull in extra hours and I am like WAT?? Isnt the 10-11 hours we are pulling in enough?

OGA this year was crazy, from an organizational aspect we succeded again but I was not happy, despite planning, QC everythign was vetoed, might as well let them decide on everything.

OGA this year had the quantity but not the quality, like window shopping, but I loved the mee kari there.

Post OGA wrap up I am with this organization 4 years... feeling frisky if I should test the waters, we shall see how the cards layout.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Lakers win!!! Lakers win!!!

Lakers defeat the Magic 99-86 to win 15th NBA title


ORLANDO, June 14 — The Los Angeles Lakers captured their 15th championship and first since 2002 with a 99-86 victory over the Orlando Magic in the NBA Finals yesterday.

Los Angeles won the best-of-seven series 4-1, giving coach Phil Jackson his record 10th title.

Going Dutch on a Date

I am loving this article


Going Dutch on a Date

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Wednesday, June 03, 2009

in life.....

you can choose the left or the right.... I choose both..