Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Its Saraswati Sabatham bro..... Chill

Its nice to recollect old movie but its a different thing to call it the gospel truth, in reference to Agara Mudhala Ezhuththellaam       its from Saraswati Sabatham is a 1966 Tamil mythological movie which had a host of stars in it including Sivaji Ganesan, Savitri, K. R. Vijaya, Gemini Ganesan, Manorama and Nagesh

It basically when Narathar goes and poke the 3 Goddess of Wealth, Knowledge & Strength which was the most. So the three Goddesses, each decide to choose someone on earth and bless them powers so that each of them can prove their power and make the other two Goddesses lose. Saraswati (knowledge) blesses a mute person, Vidyapati , to speak and gives him all the knowledge in the world. This song comes from that scene sang by T.M.Soundarrajan

Agaram - is how the letter a (அ) is written in Tamil  - So the kural says just as அ is the beginning of language or speech or the written word

Full lyrics

agara mudhala ezhuththellaam ariya vaiththaai devi
aadhi bagavan mudhalendrae uNara vaiththaai devi
iyal isai naadaga theebam yEtri vaiththaai neeyae
eendravar nenjai indru kuLira vaiththaai thaayae

uyir mei ezhuththellaam theriya vaiththaai
oomaiyin vaai thirandhu pEsa vaiththaai,ammA pEsa vaiththaai

eNNum ezuththenum kaN thirandhaai
yEtram tharum kulumai aatral thandhaai
aiyam theLiya vaiththu aRivu thandhaai
oLi thandhu mozhi thandhu kural thandhaai
Omkaara isai thandhu uyara vaiththaai devi