Friday, June 17, 2011

Father's Day

"My grandfather always said that living is like licking honey off a thorn." -- Louis Adamic

It never ceases to amaze me how the commercial aspect of Mother's day has caught on with Father's day.. Today Father’s Day is becoming an important day of celebration and gradually catching up with the more popular Mother’s Day worldwide. It seem to outshine Children's day hahaha

Where Mother’s Day is seen to be more sentimental, Father’s Day is seen more as a day of practical gift giving such as DIY tools etc. However the most popular Father’s Day present is apparently the gift of a tie.

The general advise is No matter what you call your father — dad, papa, pop and so on — Father's day is a chance for you to celebrate your father and recognize just what he is and what he has done for you.

When I grew up we shows our resepct and appreciate to our parents, granted not all the time, expecially when we were getting the shit out of us but we also knew it was their responsiblity to keep us in check.

After a decade of being a father I have come to realize some very poignant and important things about the role. At first it just seemed surreal, and at times it still does. there are many a times filled with frustration, stress and sacrifice involved in being a parent. But there also great time when you just flying with your Junior.

There are times when you have to put ur foot down and fight off family and relative but above all there are no right paths or right decisions, it always gonna be a learning curve. What I learn growing up I discard the bad and ugly and try to give and do my best, sometimes its never enough but hey tha life!!

At times my mom would chuckle or try to control her laughter when Junior Vadai and I go head to head or when Junior Vadai interacts with her or my sis or relatives.. She would say the things I used to do as a kid.. he is doing it now, mannerism, nottyness, etc etc

Go figure... The best part of hearing that was it made me smile lol

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Ghost from the past

Its unique and funny how you end up meeting people...I would say I am lucky to have made friends from real life, childhood even people i have met online. Many of my best friends are people who met thru the power of the internet ... some at time if they end up being friends or part ways... it even more unique when some you know and had a relationship with shows up with you new pal.... well such an incident took place last night when a pal sitting across the table showed up with a fren... initially I did not recognize ... when she approached with a hi and hello it was pleasantly surprising... after apologizing profusely for not recognizing her we did some catching up almost 12 years of catching up... a good memories

well that one person more to add in face book

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Calling the cup an idiot

Stevie Wonder : You can't base your life on other people's expectations.

There is a grey line when it comes to expectations especially when it comes to friends and more so when it is family. Like a kid celebrating a birthday expecting a particular gift after dropping all the hints the anti climax is when that the family dont pick up and the kid goes into a sulky mood the punch line would certainly by "I gave you enough hints"

The classic example will always I left you enough signs. While its easy to brush aside the above kids predicament its a whole different ball game when it comes to adults.

While the preaching of family ties and bond and blood or even in friendship with words as trust, openness and buddy or bro etc etc, the viciousness in the silent expectation of the others conduct, deliverable and reliability is a cancerous to one's own. It will eat you within, tear you up but on the outside you portray all is well.

Why it happen coz using excuses like respect, honor, friendship, I did it for you so you must do it for me or the classic this is the minimum standards for friendship / relationships

My question is this who actually define these standards? Whatever happen to talking about it? does it make you smaller? Cheap? too shy?

I watched brother and sister not talk to each over over 15 years god only knows for wat reason and all it took was the brother going to the wrong address where the sister lives and a tearful reunion takes place and all is forgiven

Communication is the key, when family or friend refuse to communicate and take self professed stand and opinion who do you actually expect the other party to know. When family draw lines for the weirdest reasons its the other party that suffers? do they deserve it?

Me? simple if you wanna go and draw lines and behave in that manner..... I probably ask once or twice then carry on. Why? Life is hard enough as it is with work and challenges to life by the last thing I need is for someone having an issues with me and refuse to tell me the reason lol

Blaming others for the pain we feel each time someone fails to live up to our expectations is no different than burning our tongue on coffee that's too hot to swallow, and then calling our cup an idiot! - Guy Finley

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Dey Chitragupta

Dey Chitragupta.. avan kanak-kai soll

Yama or Yemen is the lord of death in Hinduism, first recorded in the Vedas. In Vedic tradition Yama was considered to have been the first mortal who died and espied the way to the celestial abodes, thus in virtue of precedence he became the ruler of the departed. In some passages, however, he is already regarded as the god of death.

Yama is assisted by Chitragupta who is assigned with the task of keeping complete records of actions of human beings on the earth, and upon their death deciding to have them reincarnated as a superior or inferior organism, depending on their actions on the earth.

So my opening line loosely translates to Yeman asking his accountant the fate of the human being in question. Why death? A definative end, a termination a point you cant cross.. and it all related to living.

I have a close family relative that bed ridden and sick over many years she slips in between times and in moments of lucidness is able to recall who you are and more... we have resigned i to the fact its just a matter of time she will pass on...and yet everytime there is a a sign pointing in that direction we all gather around to visit her. With all due respect to her, someone that I love and care for a lot maybe Winston Churchill is right when he said “I am ready to meet my Maker. Whether my Maker is prepared for the ordeal of meeting me is another matter.”

And yet as she pull thru day after that it is the unexpected "terminations" crudely put... terminations of life, relationships and what not that catches off guard.

Sometimes these are the things I am not prepared for.. for sometimes I just go numb.. maybe it is easier that way

Friday, June 03, 2011

I am perplexed

I am perpelxed, at times confused and at others a little irritated by this thing we call comminucation between friends

Eg 1 when someone does not sms or call you in a while and you reach by phone or sms and say hmmm "Hey how you doing not heward from you in a while bla bla bla ..." and you get a reply.. "Well I wanted to see how long before you would get in touch with me" and I am like WTF???

Eg 2 a pal facing a prob so you ask if everything is ok and you get a repla yeah I am ok... aparently that is a lingo to say " no no no I am facing the mother of all problems and I am waiting for you to ask me properly, or ask me a few times before I can tell you about it" and I am like WTF???

More to come