Saturday, August 29, 2009


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Trouble in the night ..

the darkness falls on my room in many ways
i feel trapped under the sheets, its a suffocating feeling
quite extrodinary but i put my feelings at bay
motionless i start to panic and edge with fright
there is a distint coldness in the night
some people create their own theories
agree is but to disagree
an annoymos person enters my domain
but doesnt intend to harm or create pain
is this thing in search of good or bad
or is it that ive gone slightly mad
from inside im struggling
from the outside im welcoming
the morning comes no sooner
finally i receive bail
from my night in jail

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Monday, August 24, 2009

Press Conference

Honestly I have never handle a press conference before, I mean I have organized one but let the big boys field the question, but when an ice breaking dinner for the new committee was turned into a springboard to a full blown press conference it was indeed a rush.

Being the deputy chairman flanked by my chairman and sit under the glaring lights was very unnerving, in his capacity he has handled too many PC but for me was a 1st.

So he calls me at 5.30pm, bro I have decide to invite a few press people to our ice breaking so we can talk about our plans and ideas etc etc. I was like!!!!!!

So what is a press conference if we do not have objectives, goals and key point to talk about, I had 90 minutes to turn this around, got my 5 talking points, one major future goal, printed out pictures and soft copies for any one who wanted a set.

There was actually a lot of people from the print media, The Star, NST, RTM and the other dialies. I actually enjoyed the limelight, the ability to take question although my bahasa was rusty it was a good PC.

My Chairman being seasoned in this loved the materials I had prepared and we went forward with it.

Razak Cup

Everyone has got their 2 cents about Razak Cup, for the uninformed, this is the Premier Tournament of the country, similar to the Malaysia Cup of Football, so why are we down so low?

I have found a new corner for me self in tun Razak Stadium watching the match on my own. It is nice to be out of the politics and limelight and just be what we were meant to... hockey lovers.

There is no love for Razak Cup, there is no passion, no build-up, no drive from top-to-bottom for the tournament. A lot of state just pick a bunch and take part. Maybe thats whats wrong. Small step I say, let see what chancge I can do together in my state. Why state? Coz I given up on the national body, all talk no action.

Interesting Friday & Reunions

On the back foot because of indiscipline and irresponsible offical who and whims and fancy can make documents be misplaced my drive for Selangor Hockey took a back foot. After securing sponsors for web pages making it self funded I was faced with more red tape by @#!@#$!. My plan was to soft launch the page by Sunday morning!!!

After more consultations with my internet frens on how to go forward, frustrated enough more so being a Friday a lovely lady from Germany posted on face book how good beer is for bones... after all one does not need an excuse to drink but it was a well worth incentive.

So Off I landed in HRC for my regular discussion and debates and my favourite pint. Being the last day before the fasting month, I was joined by many regulars and it was a nice get together.

After that was a hop over to Oswego where I had not visits over 6 weeks. YES YES 6 weeks, an old friend was down from Penang with another in tow. This what happen when you have hardly 24 hours notice lol. This is a lady that almost without fail will send Junior Vadai gifts for Deepavali and other occasions. It was a refreshing to hear from her.

She and her friend had to do their office provisioning but we manage to squeeze some time together. So it was off to creasian with M busy with her camera taking pictures of me and A and a competition between the 2 worst pool players, Me and M went toe to toe with incredible never to be seen shots, white ball being pocketed, mis cue until Jason was having a heart ache watching. Well it all fun.

Nevertheless the enjoy Creasian and especially the ambiance and FOOD.

As we were playing pool, then landed Mr & Mrs G.Singh, this became a 5 some more chit chat and suddenly plans were changed.

All I know from a night ending bak-kut-teh it was to a Punjabi dance floor the kind of "watch-girls-dance-pay-10bucks-if-you-like- how-they-dance" to a full Punjabi dance bangra pub. gosh almighty, I was home safe early in the morning but what I heard from G that went home only at 6!!!! Imagine that. Thank god I knew when to call it quits

Overall in summary is it was worth it catching up, it was nice to share idea, see new things, I had not been in the KL scene in a long time so it was good company, nice appreciation and lots of bites lol

Back to work lol

Friday, August 21, 2009

Chris Daughtry - Hemorrhage

When is the last time you had goosebumps

Monday, August 17, 2009

Hang on it is KILKENNY or KILLINEY

Kilkenny is an Irish cream ale which originated in Kilkenny, Ireland. The brand is managed and produced by Diageo. It is available in draught and cans.

Its yummy beer

Then again you have KILKENNY
and you got KILLINEY

ini kedai makan

You have idiots and idiots,


M sorry but we seem to be spiraling out of control in terms of manners, patience and good behavior. All of them seem to have gone to the dogs, we do not have courtesy, we do not have manners and what ever steps taken to rebuff them you get an arrogant, insensitive and crude remark.

Be it from que cutting, parking in a disable lots, to stupid insensitive behaviors in supermarkets and life threatening behaviors like beating red lights, que jumping at traffic lights.

How many times have you found a lane turing left or right becomes 2 or 3 lanes especially at a traffic light.

The list goes on...

Venting here

BIL Graduates

Graduation is a funny thing and something we celebrate in many mean and ways, but lately it becomes a money making event for many institutes and universities, especially the overseas ones, starting at a minimum RM100 per entry.

After all for some, you only graduate once. So my BIL is on his way to become a DOC and they had the local 'graduation' then there was photo taking session, no one was more excited then Junior Vadai beaming with pride that his 'mama' is back and what else got photographs to pose for.

But I alwayss love taking photos of Junior Vadai especially spontaneous ones

Monday, August 10, 2009

Sam Cooke - A Change Is Gonna Come

A change gonna come...

A great song just right for all the right times

We all need vindication, we all need to believe that what we hold on to is right

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Ramalingam Trophy Review

What a lovely event it was, ran by the clock, good support... every loved the 8-a-side format, there was lovely support from the family of the Late K.Ramalingam and the 16 teams that came together to make it happen. The main core was 4 people with a strong support from our Deputy President, this I kid you not, he is a very hands on guy despite his busy schedule. Overall with the lucky draws and excitign matches it was a flying success

I better let the pics speak for themselves

for the record and from the bottom of my heart I want to extend a thank to Jaap who continuously willing to post news about Selangor Hockey on the web and ever willing to accommodate us.