Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Trophies has landed

One of the biggest challenges in a league is consistency. Almost like running a marathon you stick to the pace, the rhythm despite attempts by people to destabilize, to challenge, to have envy is all norm we jsut got to live with it and move on forward

We pick battles we can fight and WIN we deflect situation that are not worth of a fight.

Today I can see the finish line but we must not let our slack down, it is at these times we must be stronger, work harder and smarter.

What we have achieved up to now wont mean a thing if we do not reach the finish line.. all the good press coveraged form Malay Mail and The Star, the support from sponsors like Mercian & Milo, the support from state bodies like MSN, MPK and most importantly the hard work of the guys on the field.... wont mean a thing if we drop.

I was so motivated to have the challenge trophy in place today. 69 cm tall. Yes 69 cm

Medals for top 4 places overall champions
League Champions & Runners-up also get medals thanks to MILO

Overall Champion

Piala Pusingan Juara Keseluruhan Liga Hoki Selangor Piala Dato Hj. Mohd Nor

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

In the Air tonight LIVE- phil collins

2 hockey officials passed away in 2 days both in their early 50's one was ill the other was a shocker he went for Satgunam Cup came back all fine and dandy then some discomfort .. drove himself to the hosp... admitted.. slipped into a coma... organs start shutting down after lunch he was gone.... its crazy.... feel numb

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Chris daughtry hemorrhage

home run

U2 - I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For

....I have spoke with the tongue of angels
I have held the hand of a devil
It was warm in the night
I was cold as a stone......


Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Selangor Hockey League: SIA make it to the top

Selangor Hockey League: SIA make it to the top

This press coverage is a result of hard work put in by people who love the game. No politics not cliques. Good hard work

Well done guys

Half Way Mark - Hockey League

Well we have reached the halfway mark of the league on the Nov 5th weekend, as we were paying the allowances I decided to write a note to all the officials..

I am a hard headed SOB if I wanna be and I am driven to achieve goals and targets. We have a lot riding on this league, confidence, credibility, respect, point to prove and unfortunately there are more people within the organization who rather see you fall them make them selves look good.

It does not take much to roll you sleeves and walk into the field and help out instead of being present for photo taking opportunities. I am blessed coz the No 2 shares the same mentality with me and is equally driven. At the same time we have to ask question what about the rest at the top> Any one want to turn padang?

All this I shield and deflect from the people running the show.

What I am proud of it is not alone man show, there is an equally hard, responsible team and there is dedication. Being where we are doing what we doing after a long lapse take a lot out of you. It takes a lot out of me in all aspect but I am determined to see the finish line at the set date of DeC 20th. Come Dec 20th you will hear the name of this league

Back to the note . Why the note you asked? - Like is said I been driving the official hard, strict stern and making them toe the line coz all it takes is one screw up to bring bad publicity. I always told them people dun remember good things they read in the press but they will remember bad things they read for along time.

Work hard Play hard... not like I could take them out to a beer and show my appreciation so I wrote them a letter in my capacity and personally thank each and everyone and motivate them for the remainder of the league

Tine flies

Time flies.. it sure does... out of the blue in my MSN drops an offline message of a news paper link to The Star Metro. I clicked on it coz it was from a trusted source. Lo behold I was greeted to this picture and the corresponding article.

There a little kid dressed to the max acting her heart out in front of all the proud parents and it was wonderful to see a coverage in the press. There were no prizes for guess who was in the picture as I has received an MMS of the little girl in the costume and instantly could relate to her. I know this kid directly and indirectly since she was born and she is a little darling... a little princess that from to time I have chatted on the phone who would recite her nursery rhymes to me. mmmmm good times


Time sure flies... soon it the Junior Vadai concert

Friday, November 06, 2009

Good to vent and bitch and release

Maroon 5 - Official Wake Up Call video

Six foot tall
Came without a warning so I had to shoot him dead
He won't come around here anymore
Come around here? I don't think so.