Monday, April 30, 2007

Jnr Vadai & Darthvadai Project

How best to get the hands icky gooey and dirty and have fun doing it

nice ah

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Being away

While I am away guess what I got my hands on...

1 Curse of the Golden Flower...
2 Babel
3 The Last King of Scotland
4 Spiderman
5 Blood Diamond
6 American History X
7 Munich

Back next week

Thursday, April 26, 2007

What you fear most?

Timo Cruz: Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won't feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine as children do. It's not just in some of us; it is in everyone. And as we let our own lights shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.

To the rest that question us and paint the illusion to satisfy their self need ... time to move on. Some people spend their whole lives to keep that to be satisfied. The rest of us continue to break free of the chains and shine!!

Kop End says : ....

The 1st leg of the Champions Leg was a stories of 2 halves the 1st going to the Chelsea who dominated the 1st half and got a well deserved goal.... but the 2nd half saw the emergence of a stronger, more conviction and controlled play from the Kops.... A world class safe from Chez was the difference as Chelsea secure a 1-0

Was an early night last night, having had a wine tasting session bout 7 then to meet up me boss for some office operational and financial issues. By the time I snuggle into to bed it was close to midnight having one line barred at the next on limited credit can be irritation when no shops sell the credit you want lol.. Well that for later on today.

Had a lovely 4some lunch today... the company was good and the conversation even better.... I should get out of the office more

We got an exhibition coming up in Manjung and the final preparation are underway, got to tackle that with the printers then its off to Low Yatt.... maybe grab Jen from some lunch oooh hmmm

Right now.... sleeeppppp like a dog hehehe

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

What to do when upper management makes a mistake

Sorry is not an easy word, for me I have learn that the hard way and when your upper management makes a mistake sometime saying sorry it a tough act.

A letter meant for me ended in a file because it was directed there. Why? Upper management said so.

Shesh damage control now

Man U Wins

Wayne Rooney netted a last-gasp winner to send Manchester United into Champions League dreamland at Old Trafford tonight.

There are soccer fans and there soccer fans. I have the Kop end on my blood and as fanatical as we are, as many dialogs we may have over team tactics and strategy, players etc etc and as angry or dejected or hurt we may feel on players the team you cannot just hate the club. You never turn the back on the club, time and time again.

The same when it come to facing other clubs especially rival teams you do not want them to beat you team, you get bragging rights and you gloat when you win and you keep quiet when you lose. The banter is what keeps the spirit alive and makes it more fun.

As a true socccer fan you also would admire the opposition.

Today, I admire Man U for coming back against AC Milan winning 3-2. They played awesome and deserved it. Also not I was not gun ho about them beating Roma, Roma defence was pits. But here Man U did well

Clap clap a credit is due when credit is due

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

A chat

"I do not want to get to the end of my life and find that I just lived the length of it. I want to have lived the width of it as well."

While chatting with a fren today we explored bout how we each have gone thru life... each with a story to tell. I could ask my self if I have lived the width of it and the answer will be no. The same would apply to everyone. The question that need to be asked is you trying to live to the width. For that I answer yes.

I want to live to the width, I try, there are obstacles, people, issues that may deflect it and etc etc etc but the main thing is this you got to try.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Humans at work

The biggest problems guys have at work is treating the opposite sex at work. Its critically demanding with so many egg shell to thread on and red tape.

Let me put it this way, handling a guy at work is simple. Do A,B,C,D, and E? You listen to the reasons and you have frank discussion and problem solved.

Handling a lady (not all la) come up with the most ridiculous excuses and if you want to trash them for their incompetence you got to handle the lashing carefully unless you are the MD or maybe I am too nice.

Moments ago I came to a boiling point or the straw that broke the camel's which ever way you want to take it. A document that was supposed to be CTC was not done and conveniently one blames the other and they sit 5 meters apart

What the fuck is wrong?

My snarl is simple, "I do not care if you or you have PMS issues, I want this document CTC and I want it done now, not tomorrow not later NOW."

The result one sulks the other burst into tears. Sigh

My simple you do ur work well you get rewarded, you got issues nad u dun complete work I will fuck you till glory.

You have your Monday mornings

There is always the good and the bad to celebrate over the weekend.

For the record the movie marathon was mind blowing, I truly enjoyed it and it has been a long time since I actually parked my ass and watch a movie continuously... the last ... I actually cant remember. Maybe too much Xanax hahahah

My server in the office blew a GECUBE display card and that kind of screw up my morning, and having to rebuild the server

The other silver lining is I manage to get 2 people to take over the car loan and hopes the bank agrees to a take over of the loan. The sticky prob here is the loan need to be continued not applied as new. Why? the depreciation of the market for car ( cheaper cars on the road) has resulted the value of the car purchased new then and new now is greatly more. So if it is a new load then I got to pay the difference yada yada yada yada Maybank say must refinance that means I got to cough up 11k. Holy crap

My other silver lining, 2 frens (1 guy and 1 gal) started to talk bout their new boyfren/girlfren something I suspected long, me just listen. Well if they want to bring their partners and join the group that great.

My last silverlining is my job, my work trip (no fun there) to melaka did pay off and we are back on the table. I got to re-tabulate the bumi quota and get it ready for submission tomorrow.

Having a drink with a fren aint a bad thing, sometimes when they call you out weather coffee, tea, beer, be there for the if you can, not coz they be there for you but coz its the right thing to do. Be there

Friday, April 20, 2007

Weekend Plans

Kind of free this weekend as tentative plans to sail up north did not materialize...

still working on settling the car loan and my credit payments

was chatting with Jen, surprising he said he needed a drink hmmmm that fella now having business luar negara, kind of admire him for what he got in his closet and moving forward

Thought I catch up on some movies maybe watch something back to back alone ( since I cant afford drinking lol)

Made bookings... singles seat are so much easier to get nowadays so my Sat itinerary would be

5.30pm Mr.Bean's Holiday

7.30pm Wild Hogs

A light snack/dinner/ window shopping
11.45 Jangan Pandang Belakang

no nut case gonna watch 3 movies so I did not ask.. ticket booked and its gonna be a single seater....

maybe sneak a roti canai behind mamak shop in between

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Pulitzer Prize 2007

The Pulitzer Prize (pronounced "PULL-it-zer") is an American award regarded as the highest national honor in print journalism, literary achievements, and musical composition.

Prizes are awarded yearly in twenty-one categories. In twenty of these, each winner receives a certificate and a US$10,000 cash reward. The winner in the public service category of the journalism competition is awarded a gold medal, which always goes to a newspaper, although an individual may be named in the citation.

The prize was established by Joseph Pulitzer, a Hungarian-American journalist and newspaper publisher, who left money to Columbia University upon his death in 1911. A portion of his bequest was used to found the university's journalism school in 1912. The first Pulitzer Prizes were awarded on June 4, 1917, and they are now announced each April. Recipients are chosen by an independent board.

I was reviewing the winners this morning and one such winner moved me. She won for her intimate portrayal of a single mother and her young son as he loses his battle with cancer.

Having come of a biopsy, I can understand the fear, shudder and cringe at the very thought of it... hmmm lost for words.

source jeffooi


Awarded to Oded Balilty of The Associated Press for his powerful photograph of a lone Jewish woman defying Israeli security forces as they remove illegal settlers in the West Bank.


Awarded to Renée C. Byer of The Sacramento Bee for her intimate portrayal of a single mother and her young son as he loses his battle with cancer.


Awarded to Walt Handelsman of Newsday, Long Island, N.Y., for his stark, sophisticated cartoons and his impressive use of zany animation.

Making space

The problem you face with adding people into an apartment I making space. Why? Coz its an apartment and space unused is space wasted... Since I had a new tenant moving in (even though its for a short term) creating space for it and moving things back into my room since I have taken over and hence the term 'the landlord' hahaha

So it back to eliminating junk, old clothes and making space and making new security arrangement

Hmmmmm well the rent will help hahaha

Lost files

How in @#$$% name can a national O&G company lose a licensing file twice!!! then fucking submit without any review to the stamping and approval after the closing date when you acknowledge receipt well before the closing date.

This is the enigma that will ...... oh fuck it.

I stand to lose 43% of my projected revenue... this is depresing, rining alarm belles since Monday and I am running out of steam

Also look out for this word Maxenergy!!!

In the Sun today

Stop the press

74% of Malaysian have sex weekly

errr doesnt sound right does it. I know I dont but I mean like doesnt it makes you wanna think tha for a mere second that it could be flawed?

I know I am part of that 25% but do Malaysians have it that good??

Things that make you go hmmmmmm

And after reading places where they have sex below .... sheessh now I feel so depressed kakakaka

Monday, April 16, 2007

Coke Prices???

WTF? a 1.5ltr bottl of coke is RM 3.00 - RM 3.50

Previously was Rm.2.60 - RM 2.80

Tamil New Year

This New Year is celebrated on 14thApril 2007.

The Tamil Calendar is followed by the Tamil speaking state of Tamil Nadu and Kerala in India, and by the Tamil population in Malaysia, Singapore & Sri Lanka. There are several festivals in Tamil Nadu based on the Tamil Hindu Calendar. The Tamil calendar is based on the solar cycle. It has a sixty years cycle and each year has twelve months. The Tamil New Year follows the vernal equinox and generally falls on April 14 of the Gregorian year.

The Months of a Tamil Calendar

The Tamil Hindu Calendar starts around April 14 of the Gregorian Calendar each year. It consists of twelve months. The number of days in a month can vary between 29 to 32.

The Sixty-Year Cycle of Tamil Calendar

There 60 year cycle of Tamil Calendar was inserted into the Tamil Calendar system relatively late. Except few names in the 60 year cycle, the rest are 'Sanskrit' names. The calendar follows a sixty year cycle. After the completion of sixty years, the calendar starts anew with the first year. This corresponds to the "Hindu century". The Vakya or Tirukannitha Panchangam (the traditional Tamil almanac) outlines this sequence.

Happy New Year All

The weekend

It was pretty interesting as I was subjected to...hmmm involved with..... been.. bah... Firstly was getting Jnr Vadai Boots, he facination wiht football boots is growing due to his exposure to his frens and we finally settled with a silver colored boots. What the heck.... later on we went to try it out at the apartment.... put the shoes to good test.....

Admist that all that fun it was spring cleaning time, giving away old and un-used clothes or clothes I have grown out of.. ther ewas a big pile and Jnr did a good job in helping... by the end of the day we had a big pile to donate.

Lastly a surprise visitor.... Cheeky Gordon is in the house

Friday, April 13, 2007

Friday the 13th

Dun play play

Today unlucky dah one - bah

Why Friday the 13th Is Unlucky

Paraskevidekatriaphobics — people afflicted with a morbid, irrational fear of Friday the 13th - Got meh??

A Friday occurring on the 13th day of any month is considered to be a day of bad luck in English, German, Polish and Portuguese-speaking cultures around the globe. Similar superstitions exist in some other traditions. In Greece or Spain, for example, Tuesday the 13th takes the same role. The fear of Friday the 13th is called paraskavedekatriaphobia (a word that is derived from the concatenation of the Greek words Παρασκευή, δεκατρείς, and φοβία, meaning Friday, thirteen, and phobia respectively; alternate spellings include paraskevodekatriaphobia or paraskevidekatriaphobia) or friggatriskaidekaphobia, and is a specialized form of triskaidekaphobia, a phobia (fear) of the number thirteen.

History of Friday the 13th

Before the 19th century, though the number 13 was considered unlucky, and Friday was considered unlucky, there was no link between them. The first documented mention of a "Friday the 13th" is generally listed as occurring in the early 1900s.[1][2]

However, documentation aside, many popular stories exist about the origin of the concept:

* The Last Supper, with stories that Judas was the thirteenth guest, and that the Crucifixion of Jesus occurred Friday.
* That the biblical Eve offered the fruit to Adam on a Friday, and that the slaying of Abel happened on a Friday (though the Bible does not identify the days of the week when these events occurred). [3]
* That it started on Friday, October 13, 1307, the date that many Knights Templar were simultaneously arrested in France, by agents of King Philip IV.

However, historically, there is no true date that the Friday the 13th superstition can be linked to.

Bro Leaves KL

It was an unexpected and interesting Thurday as the events played out.... having gone to the hosp to pick up some dressing for David's leg.. Fit, LK and KLFD and his wife planned to drop by my place.

KLFD is a charming and nice guy to know and his wife is superb, very friendly, rarely have I come across spouses that are chatty or friendly. KLFD was the one who spoke to us bout Kajang Spicy soup and hosted us there.

Fit who ironically happen to have a string of shops at the fashion shop near my place is also a nice guy I m beginning to get to know. He help to secure the wheel chair and his characteristics, exuberance reminds me of Angel (Oi where are you la)

So by the time I got back about 6pm with the rain and all, David's sister-in-law was coming over to make his arrangements to take him back to Ipoh, we met and discuss over the issues.

By 6.30pm plus the 4 of them arrived. They were contemplating weather to take David out for dinner since he was leaving to Ipoh, since the rain has stopped as decided to go. We loaded David into the Nissan and soon made our way to Pat-Yatt-Tin. KLFD, J (KLFD wife), Fit and LK were already as me, David and his Sis in law came along slowly. It was convenient to wheel him in to the shops there.

Soon I noticed there were extra seating for a party of 3... I was hmmm are we having extra guest when Fit said some chatter from a different channel who were to join us as they wanted to visit David.

On the onset there not very friendly or actually bother to say hi and hello... etiquette when you come for a dinner at least greet or smile at the people at the table. Trying to break the ice got the door slam shut. I was like WTF?? Look at at Fit and I shook my head.

Finally at the dinner table was me, KLFD, J, Fit, LK (now maybe change to Ah Po), David, his sis in law and the new arrivals 3 girls from a different channel. KLFD was dropping and spilling and tripping things all over... as seen in one pic the Kicap bottle or whats left of the Kicap bottle hahaha

Leaving the dinner (thanks KLFD), asI went to get the car KLFD took over the wheels driving David (see pic) hahaha I am not sure who was having more fun. (TBC below after the pics)

So after the dinner they all follow me and David back to my place.. I spoke to David bout the conduct of his new frens and it is not nice, imagine the irony they had to come to my place, my home the very person they were rude to hahahaha (loved it) Serve them right.

After sending them off, we went for Yam cha .. something I had not done in a long time, drinking coffee, laughing and joking till bout 11pm. A nice bunch.

A gift

KLFD and his wife J.... are a great bunch we 1st met them when they hosted us for spicy soup in Kajang, this was after a movie session that ended up in chee cheong fan.... To appreciate their gesture v got them t-shirts which had an artistic Ganesha on it.... KLFD got a gift when he show up yesterday while visiting David at my house..

Someday he and his wife will have to drop my house ( me cooking spagetti lol) to help finish it.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

The week so far

With one bro around the house and my finance in the red, I been pretty much running my self too the ground, even last night meeting Tony and my cuz who wrote the blog 'Looks .." Left office and grabbed lunch for my Bro at home then back to office for a 2pm appointment, by this time I was pretty spent not to mention stressed. I been pushing back my medical checkup with J.

I started the week on a high, I gues I still am, just tired. Haha the Bro finally took a shower in my house, and he was well rested in my bed. The swelling on the leg going down

On the sidelines m working on a business collobaration with Jen and hopes it fruits well.
The drive for this colloboration is a awesome rush... almost like sex lol It been sometime I had that kind of a rush. Miss that, seems now my work is very driving and repetative now.

The plus side is not I have 3 people under me and the company just grew 3 fold....

I got 3 designation I wonder which sounds better

i) Head of Division
ii) Group Procurement
iii) Group Project


the weekend seem pretty relaxed as I am trying to bring Jnr up... be interesting to see the politics... just relax at home or catch a movie

Secretary's week

Hmmm what to do ... reward hardworking staff and they actually earned it. Waste of money send them to see Siti N so I did the next best thing.. so they all gone out of the office and us guys got the place to ourselves...

Secretaries week luncheon(opening act)
Shangrila Hotel, KL
12:30 PM @ 12 April 2007

POPULAR singer Ning Baizura will be teaming up with two recent “news-makers” in showbiz to mark her annual Secretaries’ Week showcase on April 12.

Ning will be sharing the stage with her fellow Ipoh girl Adibah Noor, who triumped in Anugerah Juara Lagu 2006 (AJL 2006), in the Fergalicious Diva showcase at Shangri-La Hotel, Jalan Sultan Ismail, Kuala Lumpur.

Champions League

Boy oh Boy oh boy

Despite all said and doen what a script for the Semis May 1st

Chelsea versus Kops

Man U versus AC Milan

Benitez's Liverpool have been thrown into another massive showdown with the Blues in the semi-finals of the Champions League after the Anfield men completed a routine 4-0 aggregate victory over PSV Eindhoven in tonight's last-eight clash.

The Reds are now in their eighth European Cup semi-final, and 14th in all Continental competitions.

Some interesting perceptions......

School: A place where Papa pays and Son plays.

Life Insurance: A contract that keeps you poor all your life so that you can die Rich.

Nurse: A person who wakes u up to give you sleeping pills.

Marriage: It's an agreement in which a man loses his bachelor degree And a woman gains her masters.

Divorce: Future tense of Marriage.

Tears : The hydraulic force by which masculine willpower is defeated by Feminine waterpower.

Lecture: An art of transferring information from the notes of the Lecturer to the notes of the students without passing through "the minds of Either"

Conference: The confusion of one man multiplied by the number present.

Compromise : The art of dividing a cake in such a way that everybody Believes he got the biggest piece.

Dictionary : A place where success comes before work.

Conference Room : A place where everybody talks, nobody listens and Everybody disagrees later on.

Father : A banker provided by nature.

Criminal: A guy no different from the rest....except that he got Caught.

Boss : Someone who is early when you are late and late when you are Early.

Politician : One who shakes your hand before elections and your Confidence after.

Doctor : A person who kills your ills by pills, and kills you by bills.

Classic : Books, which people praise, but do not read.

Smile : A curve that can set a lot of things straight.

Office : A place where you can relax after your strenuous home life.

Yawn: The only time some married men ever get to open their mouth.

Etc .: A sign to make others believe that you know more than you Actually do.

Committee : Individuals who can do nothing individually and sit to Decide that nothing can be done together.

Experience : The name men give to their mistakes.

Atom Bomb : An invention to end all inventions.

Philosopher : A fool who torments himself during life, to be spoken of when Dead.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

The Brother leaves KLGH

Well, Finally!~!!!! the Bro is out of the hosp, yes finally he is discharge. The docs told him to get the F%%# out of the Hosp, Yours truly loaded his wheelchair into the car and loaded his as int it form the hosp was hard work till sweating...

push him to maybank...then load him into the car.. with his leg like that.. take him to LOW YATT!!! Honest buy Flat screen monitor, printer, wireless router... the home... got him some chicken rice... worked his dressing and set him in my bed..... he got his laptop, his phone his god know aht and his dopod hahahah all wired and hooked

He is good there for a few days - enjoy the pics

As I slept in the hall thinking with all my frens that I have how many would extend the same level of hospitality to my. I mean taking into account current situation they are in and facilities and en-cumberances, I think only 3 of my frens would be able to be there for me in a similar manner.

Champions League 2nd Leg Quarters

Tonight Man you go against Roma and already Roma is in shambles losing 7-1 fulltime, despite being a true KOP you can help but admire how the Devils have gone into the game and it was expecially nice to see Alan Smith get the 2nd goal. Roma had no business playing. Absolutely no business

On the other end and Ex-Kop player scored an awesome goal to against the Blues but tehn they equalized 1-1 and Essien wins it for them on the end.


Cricket World Cup Updates

The shocker of the Super 8 must be the team from Bangladesh beating South Africa. I am losing confidence in West Indies to qualify for the semis, in the super 8 they have been very very disappointing.... I wont be surprised if they lost to South Africa Later....

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

The best thing that happened in the weekend holiday

When the shit hits the fan

Its interesting what happen when the shit hits the fan? Some duck, some run, some...

Well in the past 5 days I have t cope with 4 interesting scenerios

i) In-law vs me
ii) Mrs vs sis
iii) Mum vs sis
This 3 I was directly and indirectly involved ( no choice)

iv) Me vs fren

The gist behind all this is simple, if people let go of the past, get a grip on the present and stop being a egoistical prick the family for the Jnr will be a much happier place.

Me simple dun get between me and my goals and me and my plans, dun question me (with an agenda or an ulterior motive) without basis, and dun ever try to relate the past to the present.

Like I have said when the shit hits the fan I ave always stood and faced it whenever possible, I stood for my action and challange them to do the same.
There has been a lot of of people who talk about water under the bridge and a lot more who hold to the past. Me hmmm sometime I am both, but realistically I rather move forward then to be held back for the rihgt or wrong reasons.

Time have changed but for me its the same me that I was when I 1st started out, stumble, trip stagger but I still stand.

My partign words to all 4 scenerios was this so long as I stand, if the shit hit, I be the 1st to face it....

People sometimes dun realise where your coming form and no matter how you try to justify, the prob is with peopel like me I continue to dig my heels in trying to make them understand. That my weakness, trying to justify , make people understand, life at times would be so simple.

We were not built that way, I wonder how long more can i dig in and keep being nice hmmm, nasty vadai time I guess

Remember when the shit hits the fan.. stand up and be counted

Talk about co-incidence

One thing had nothing to do with the other but yet the timing was perfect.

So my Cuz wrote a blog on March 30th and with his permission its here. Not to hit out but the subject from another point of view... not necessarily I agree with them

Does Look Matter ???

To many ppl, when asked "does looks matter to you?" many will say "Nah... it doesn't matter" or " You are being shallow" or "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder" or " Dont judge a book by its cover"...yeah yeah words can say many things but if looks dont matter, then basically you wouldn't be able to tell the difference between someone who is hot and someone who is unattractive (im not gonna use the word Ugly as it seems to be very offensive for some people.... believe me.. I have been hit real hard for using it)...But honestly how many of you dare to stand up and say that "Yes.. looks does matter." Well I just did.. and to be honest, yes it does matter. Im not saying that it is the most crucial thing when looking for a partner, but how can one possibly love someone they are not physically attracted to?

"ohh no no.. i really love her.. but i just cant make love to her you see... im just not attracted to her in that way" ...

ohh pleasee.... enough.

Well I recently had sort of a date which turned out real ugly (ugly as in the situation !!!)What happened you ask?? Well one fine day I decided to reinstall MIRC (its been ages since I went chatting on it) and there was this girl who I was chatting with... well she seem a little interesting... ofcourse as honest as I always am... I gave out details bout myself and what not... However, I did not get the same feedback from the other party.

Anyway after several weeks, the excitement builds up that you wanna meet this person to attach a real face to this virtual world. So generally it starts by the description of the person.. I generally did not have to describe myself as she had already checked me out on friendster.. obviously I tried the same but due to the fact that every detail she told me was a lie.... I could not find anything.

Im sure many of you have chatted online and you would have always imagine the person to be all beautiful and you know attractive n all.. (god knows why we give ourselves too much of hope).. Moreover when the person says she is cute and people around her thinks the same and lots of people are trying to go out with her and the whole works as if she is the winner of Miss World. Anyway i realized that I was being lied to bout her name, place of work, where she stays and everything.. god knows why.. like I am gonna stalk her or something... anyway, due to the nature of my work, I manage to find out everything bout her including some pictures taken in her office.

Ok, lets get back to the description; (in her own words) she is tall, medium in colour, slim (based on her BMI which I was told.. LOL), cute, nice eyes, straight hair and all.... and i think to myself "wow... this is even more interesting..."

You see, when I say looks is important, I mean someone who is atleast pleasant looking..I am not asking for gorgeous supermodels..(well you would know based on my collection of ex-gfs).... Im sure you wouldn't wanna wake up next to something that makes you go like "ohh damn..." right??

Back to my story... as weeks go by, I actually sent her a picture of some people working in her office to find out if she is anywhere in the picture. The picture consist of some very unattractive people in it.. and she claims she is not in the picture. We set a date on when to meet (after much delay and excuses that is). As the date came closer, she told me that she actually put on some weight.. (well I was thinking.. some weight wouldn't make you from normal to obese right?) and also told that she might have given me the wrong impression to me bout her...So I was like. "ohh no... is she backing out?? may be she is feeling bad bout lying n all that"

Anyways, the day finally came. I was waiting to see someone that would look like the description given. We had not decided where to go yet... and just as I was waiting for her in the car at the condo, my friend called me up and invited me to party at Bangsar.. so I told him.. will be there as this is over.And the moment there was a high curb on the side of the road, I can only see a pair of legs in pink pants next to the car. And to my horror, it was the total opposite of what I have been briefed on. "Ohh dear.. what is this" I thought to myself.... I was speechless. As I tried hard to swallow my saliva, lots of things rushed in my mind.. namely:

1. Is this the right person??
2. What should I do..??
3. Should I run away
4. Should I make an excuse and vanish...

What would one do ??? She was big in size, short, hunched back, very dark and the list goes on in opposite of what she has told me.... and you know what... she is the same person in the picture which she denied!!!...and I think to myself.. "how can someone lie bout themself up to this extend??" I felt soo disgusted, cheated and betrayed. You know all the excitment just died out...
What did I do next? I called for backup ERT ( Emergency Responce Team) to bail me out of the situation. Well at that time, it seem like the best thing to do as I could not think straight....I could not take another minute driving this person who had lied to me about everything and expect me to have dinner with her?? no way..!! anyway I dropped her off ( after the lie and she knew I made up that emergency situation and has the guts to confront me bout it... damn....and went straight to see my friends and obviously bitched about it.....

And the responce I got :
1. Some felt pity that I was lied to..
2. Come laughed and thought it was a real crazy joke
3. Some shouted at me for calling the ERT saying it was cruel to do such things. They said I am shallow and all that.

But to think of it, do you think what I did was really wrong? I mean I was completely honest with everything.. The things is,I was not prepared to see something soo different from the description. Bottom line is, just be god damn honest and none of this would have happened. And I know personality is more important than looks and all.. but you need to also like what you see right???
Well.. i guess people on IRC are not as honest as they use to be 10 years ago... it was soo much more simpler before...hhmm.....

My comment was simple like this

Vadai says,

You hit it on the nail with this closing

".. it was soo much more simpler before...hhmm....."

Life if full of incidents like this we want a chick who turns head but we fail to match those standard. We are all average joes living life one day at a time, looks are nice but look dun decide life or death, personality, character principals are what decides life or death.

At that junction, your frens would not choose you for your look, if they do then better get new friends.

Monday, April 09, 2007

A quote received

"Being a woman is a terribly difficult task, since it consists principally in dealing with men. "

Interesting aint it when one sex has to deal with the other, how complex it can get if emotions, feeling and other irrelevant issues are all bundled into it.

Realistically I do not think we can isolate it. I experienced this a few time thru this short break I was away from work, relatives versus relatives, frens versus frens, in-law versus in-law hmmmm. More to come

Saturday, April 07, 2007

My gift for Jnr Vadai

In the field of photographic imaging, a photographic mosaic is a picture (usually a photograph) that has been divided into (usually equal sized) rectangular sections, each of which is replaced with another photograph of appropriate average color. When viewed at low magnifications, the individual pixels appear as the primary image, while close examination reveals that the image is in fact made up of many hundreds or thousands of smaller images. They are a computer created type of montage.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

The latest pill I am now

Option 1

Romesec Overview: Common Use(s)
Romesec is most commonly used for patients with gastroesophageal reflux disease or ulcers; to reduce symptoms and prevent injury of the stomach, intestines, and the esophagus. Romesec does this by reducing the amount of acid produced in the stomach. Patients with zollinger-ellison syndrome and certain cancers can also benefit from this medication.

Going away

I will be away for a few days to help prepare for Jnr Vadai birthday, it will be his 6th.

I have the opportunity to take him away and he seem excited. Mega photo opportunity

Ink on Shirt

Getting out of the car today... grrr my pen had inked out leaving 3 stains. How I notice it? As I was walking I caught a few glances looking at my shirt and I looked down and lo-behold... stain already there goes one nice shirt

Champions League Q 1st Leg

I made sure I woke up to watch this plum tie.

With all due respect to my opponents, they were a team weakened by injuries and still it was not an easy game. The most important thing is we got 3 away goals!!! Winning 3-0

Goals from
Steven Gerrard (27) - Lovely header form a Finenn Cross
John Arne Riise (49) - Awesome Whacking the ball
Peter Crouch (63) - Too Tall Bean pole

Awesome - thats mean PSV must score 3 goals at Anfield!!


For Liverpool revenge was sweet as they marched confidently towards the Champions League semi-finals with a comprehensive defeat of Dutch champions PSV Eindhoven.

Last season PSV boss Ronald Koeman engineered Liverpool's exit from the competition when he was in charge of Benfica.

This time his tactics were wrecked by Liverpool boss Rafael Benitez's masterplan, and the team that sent Arsenal spinning out were left with a mountain to climb in next week's second leg at Anfield.

Bro Update -

My lunch time or after work lately has been riddled with visit to KLGH,

From picking up his wheel chair (in my house now) to his banking tansaction, pity the fella,

Well he has become more independent able to get to his potty functions on his won and his oral functions... tooo (with a little bit of help fromfrens like me lol)

and a finally a smile from him (like smile la) for all the KL&^%$ chatters

Cricket WorldCup - Updates

Oh Boy, Its been some time since I blogged bout cricket being so busy and all...

At my last blog I posted this

So The super 8 are Australia, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh (surprise surprise), New Zealand, England, West Indies and Ireland (surprise surprise)

WI and Aust look strong dun discount the Kiwi. England I am not so sure.

By the week was done West Indies lost to Australia, New Zealand and Sri Lanka and its looks very shaky for them. Very shaky

I do not expect Ireland, Bangladesh to qualify for the semis but maybe SA. WI has to play SA so that might be the tie breaker.

I dun think Sri Lankawill lose to England either

Whiplash - Does looks matter

It was brought to my attention that someone, so called a fren la, went to a blog of another and made a statement regarding me. Usually I dismiss such crap because they are crap. People without the gut to put their name where they should and make passing comments based on so called fact of knowing someone. I dun want to degenerate this into a bloggin war but my comment is simple.

If you have the guts stand up and be counted, do not hide behind the veil of anonymity

For the record, the context in how looks matters 2me is known to people who are close to me So I let it rest

Anonymous said...


hope Vadai reads this he keeps maintaining looks has nothing to do on how ppl react / take notice of someone....lets see his comments on

good for you all the best

4:35 AM, April 03, 2007