Friday, December 20, 2013

We did it..... now lets focus on whats next

 Behind every success or milestone as I like to call it,  there are difficult paths, obstacles and sometimes walls you have to face and overcome it. There also detractors, backstabbers and people who move against you just to spite you.... and foils your plans.

I remember how a certain ex-selangor official urging KL to score more, left me in rage but I just smile.

I remember when a Selangor born player left to go play for another state because they offered him better money

I remember when we lost one to KL 5-1 watching the team dish out a poor performance  and we kept on saying its just one game, 3 points, you can still do it

I remember when we said the last time we won this... these boys weren't born at all

The time spent planning this, going to the ground executing it, finding the funding and coping with a State Goverment being oblivious  to the maintenance and infrastructure of sporting facilities in Selangor, there were many a times, I wish I could drop to my knees or punch the wall in frustration.

The late nights, the brain storming, working with the management team and coaches does take its toll on you but  the results were justified. 

No amount of money can justify the time spent, the passion and heart that went into achieving this goal. 

We proved despite a turf with the right people we can achieve something.

Guess what WE DID IT!!!!!

Now lets focus on the next target