Thursday, February 23, 2006

one way of getting a number

Some guys have all the luck

This happened to a good friend of mine...he is a nice guy..sometimes blur...but a real gent... and a dog sometimes..but have always treated ladies with respect.

Here he was driving down the road coming to a round about...the roundabout practically empty you could crawl around front of him.... in front of him one car and it enter into the roundabout.... 75% into the roundabout from the lane the car stopped and my frens kisses the ass.

Enraged he get of the car...pissed thinking which idiot would stop in the middle of a roundabout when the only other coming was a good 75 meters away entering the roundabout from 3pm.

Enraged he got down and went to confront the driver...the damage was minimal to his car but more on that car. Mind already set to screw the driver. Lo behold... the world fastest 360 turn aorund ever seen...

me: what happen then?
he: when the driver drop jaw of the most beautiful girl I ever come close to.

me: waaaaaaaa the then
he: my anger, temper all melted away, she apologize saying it was her mistake and all...but she was so beautiful.... must get her number.

me: ur crazy dude
he: no la she really beautiful, panic, ....I propose settle she say ok pay 50 and all okay...I was thinking to my self ...then I wont get her number

me: you an idiot
he: no la vadai..the girl really lovely ...I tell her 50 dun la not enough for you ...I think it will be about 200

me: wtf are u nuts??
he: he he so she give me her number....and we chat more and more...really a nice person

me: ur a farking dog dude..well at least you got the number…200 bucks ofr a number
he: ya ya esok I go and give the papa the money

me: why the heck the papa
he: tactical

me: rotflmao

anyone want to take a guess who the fella is hahahaha

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Are we humans?

Fact we are the only creature on this earth that kill our own kind!!!

We are humans??

I was talking a S who I had not spoken to in a long time, over the phone when I heard what she had done. I lambasted her left right and center when she said she cant take care of her parents and sending them to old folks home!!! WTF!!!

Even criminal so despicable, so disgraceful that they have people visiting them in jail especially during the festivities, sending them letters, calling them, of course aside from those few moments they spent butchering ppl, raping a child, or whatever... and, on shows like Finding Angles NTV7, Bersamamu TV3 we see our the elderly are stuck into horrific nursing homes and forgotten about by the families that they spent decades taking care of. (CNY Petronas Advertisements come sharply to mind)

Our everyday lives are filled with far less dramatic, but still aggravating, examples of this compartmentalized mindset; with far too of us, those who are good and nice are too "boring" to get noticed, those who are having bad times or, even worse, have been screwed by someone. Even I chat online I see this happening… people who post politely get no replies, while those who are blatantly trying to cause trouble get chatted up right and left. Why the wild thrill? What such admiration? What makes us as humans tick and lean towards this? What is this love and admiration that some people harbor for the wrongdoers among us? Why do they think that nice ppl don't deserve their attention, concern or support?

Most of this dun apply to most people, but I wish that I could gather up those who treat their elderly relatives like garbage and hand them over to the criminals that are getting plenty of attention... and have that electrical thingy that electrocutes ppl to immobilize them hehe ZAP them!!!!

Take care of your elderly, your kids are watching wakakakakakak

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

An interesting prespective

its circulated in good humor

1. We are Hongkies not Chinese
2. We can talk and shout and nobody gives a damn
3. Jackie Chan is our icon
4. We can live in 5' x 5' cubicle and call it luxury apartment
5. Our children can speak Cantonese at a young age
6. We get to blame everything on Feng Shui or Tung Chee Hwa or the mainlanders
7. No one can threaten Hong Kong, except the few expat Cathay Pilots
8. Gambling is more interesting than sex
9. We produce a lot of Ms. Hong Kong to the enjoyment of the rich and famous.

1. We are not Chinese
2. Everyone hates us except ourselves
3. Famous for Orchard Road
4. We have our own island
5. Proud of our world class Airport, world class MRT, world class airline,world class telco......
6. We know how to spell 'Salvatore Ferragamo'
7. We know how to enjoy vacation in M'sia - keep a few RM50 notes before you enter the highway: can throw anything, anytime,anywhere and always wash our cars at the resort.
8. The men are always concerned, first question to ask a girl "Do u have CPF?"
9. Never fear getting lost in our country - S$20 taxi ride will get u into the sea.
10. We'll never hv to worry about finding Mr or Ms right coz Govt will find one for us.
11. 1 Sing = 2.2 ringgit nyeh-nyeh-nyeh..
12. It's OK to be Kiasu. It's part of our culture.

1. We are not Australian
2. We live in the biggest country in South East Asia
3. No pirates in Indonesia water if u exclude the Navy and Coast guards.
4. Everything is cheap, even our salaries
5. We can blame everything on Suharto or Habibie or Gus Dur or Megawati or...
6. Only in Indonesia can u get involved in real demonstrations daily for different causes and see no results.
7. Our Rupiah is like a Yo Yo, it can go up and down just bcoz IMF say so...
8. We burn everything and nobody gives a damn
9. We dont need firefighters as our neighbours will provide...

1. World tallest Building, Best F1 circuit, biggest pewter mug, highest standard of university admission... coz Malaysia Boleh
2. we can be driving, picking our nose, cursing another driver, talking on the handphone, adjusting radio and bribing the cop at the same time.
3. Divorce by sending SMS
4. Traffic summon can be settled on the spot with the cop.
5. Teh Tarek & Roti Canai is the favourite supper
6. We can save a lot of electricity bcoz our TV shows r so crappy
7. We can blame everything on the haze or George Soros or Keadilan or.....
8. Resourceful City Council, one person to drive the van, one to carry the ladder, one to change a street bulb and three others watching.
9. We make 2 lane trunk roads into 3 lane highway and back to 2 lane when cops are sighted.
10. There's always something for the PSD to do. They dig, resurface, dig and resurface........
11. All main roads are designated highway coz it gives the govt a reason to collect toll.
12. Our Govt can never be wrong.


Monday, February 20, 2006

A small note

I want to say I appreciate the concern emails and sms I been getting but I want to emphasize please do not assume for me what my problem is. There are time I do not wish to talk about it and I am capable of handling it myself. Thank you for being a dear fren.

I also ask please do not assume that just because you know me so you know what I am going thru and immediately start offering advise on how to resolve it. Chill. Right now I am still on a level head and on my own 2 feet and I am handling. All I ask is not to be over zealous in the assumption. sit back and enjoy life I controlling my joystick

Thank you


Saturday, February 18, 2006

My Sat

I made a decision not to go out this sat and I stuck by it not to spite anyone and certainly not to hurt anyone.... its been a great sat...spring cleaning the house after I got back from the office at 5pm. Alp and Vs drop by the office with snacks. love them both. Lovely to see Angel at home. no hugs this time lol.

I was spring cleaning certain room waiting for the tenants to get out of the house...then I had the house to me self.... I dun care who go out where and with whom....for me was me and me had chicken neck and vodka lime watching Liverpool beat Man U wakakaka then i slide in my DVD watching Robbie Williams Live in Knebworth brinign tears of joy YAHOOOOO

Robbie is a great entertainer

I have a blog for certain idiots who I sadly stilll call a fren despites it being onesides frenship and the other side malicious. Thats for another dat...for not Liverpool wins!!!!!!

Friday, February 17, 2006

Plans for the Weekend NOT!!!!!!

The past few days the only word I can think off is sucks!!! work!!! people!!! family!!! obligations!!! prejudices!! and idiots !!!.

Theres just somethings that are taking over my life, in a bad way. It's getting to me so much that I don't want to go out at all. just dont feel like going out because my life is getting taken over by stupid things. I spent the early parts of last evening with Alphie…and yet I could not pour out to him what was racing in my mine… And that's pretty stupid that I'm letting things get to me, but I guess that's like the only way I know...? We are human and it happens to the best of us.

A lot of people dont _feel_ like going out and having fun. They're just in a depressed state and just dont feel like going out. The funny thing is, even if you dont initially feel like it, if you force yourself to go out of the house and see other people, your mood might change and by the end of the night you are glad that you went. This is why it's important to do things regardless if you feel like it or not because as soon as you are in a different environment, your mood can change and be uplifted. Despite all that and you really dun feel like going out then don’t. Be frank and fair in your decision and hopefuly the other people try not to be mischeiveous or malicious in trying to accept or not to accept your decision.

For some odd reason, I just dont feel like going out this weekend. Past few days, when I am off from work all I wanna do is sleep, or just stay home and do absolutely nothing. When people ask me to hang out or invite me to parties I am just like sorry I cant, I mean I'd go out if it was something exciting, but otherwise i just stay the fuck home…lol Don’t discount me…its just how I feel right now. I am absorbing a lot of things without having an avenue to release them to. I am looking frwd to nothing but resting myself tomorrow amd maybe the day after!!!

Thursday, February 16, 2006

The week so far

The week that has been

Tues aka valentines night
Well need to have talk with TD so he drop by my place bringing capati, the rain place havoc on our timing… had the place all to my self each out on their respective dates… soon Alp and Vs joined us.

Alp cooked nasi goring and I helped him soon it was a 4 some sitting back kicking back relaxing…soon we were talking bout TD love life and which direction it was heading… Slowly it was time for TD to head back…

Dory crashed to bed…ah moi was still out on her date lol 3 of us laid back… chatting surfing the net..they waited a bit I think for ah moi but it was getting late. It was nice having them over… I crashed into be by about 12.30 after clearing up the mess in the kitchen (vs did a super job of cleaning too…and her kopi kurang manis…grrrrr)

Thanks guys

Wed – Designate Badminton day

Work was piling up, a road show was in the pipeline as well as visits by principals. Had to manage the door access system (alp help!!!!!) and schedule it for Thursday!!!. Brought the nasi goring to office (yum yum)… Government cabinet re-shuffle (hogwash) it started pouring in the evening… TD to the rescue as he picked me up we negotiated thru the traffic to arrive at 7.20pm.

Stripped and went for a good work out after playing a couple of sets ..Sev started a few drill on td and alp… I wanted some and felt my legs go jello (mental note drink more beer to compensate)

Headed back with Td had dinner with him ..cit cat a little the crash at home…Dory was up on her games.. a nice shower…ahmoi out again on a date lol….that woman been partying all night…. I started having cramps that woke me up about 1am… went for some stretching then back to bed again…. No moon tonight..then again cant complain much…

I felt good with Badminton this past feet week coz I been pushing my self hard…trying to break thru the pain barrier…right now… m just smelling pain… by my standards.. sometimes I want Sve to push me harder but lazyness creeps in. WAKE UP

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Annie Lennox No More I Love You's

I used to be lunatic from the gracious days
I used to be woebegone and so restless nights

My aching heart would bleed for you to see

Oh but now...(I don't find myself bouncing round whistling and fortunes to make me cry)
No more "I love you's" The language is leaving me
No more "I love you's" Changes are shifting outside the word

(The lover speaks about the monsters)
I used to have demons in my room at night
Desire,despair,desire,so many monsters

Oh but now...(I don't find myself bouncing round whistling and fortunes to make me cry)
No more "I love you's" The language is leaving me

No more "I love you's" The language is leaving me in silence
No more "I love you's" Changes are shifting outside the word

They were being really crazy They were on the come.
And you know what mammy? Everybody was being really crazy.
Uh huh. The monsters are crazy. There are monsters outsides.

No more "I love you's" The language is leaving me
No more "I love you's" The language is leaving me in silence
No more "I love you's" Changes are shifting outside the word
Outside the word

Annie Lennox has always had a phenomenal voice and vocal control. A very haunting song for a very memorable voice...Annie Lennox...god I love that voice...She is a brilliant performer and a sometimes-great songwriter. This song is a remake... but she makes it greater... "No More I Love You's" - the soaring vocals are just gorgeous, and easily draw you into singing along. I know I do...a song can be different meaning for each erson and I may relate to it differently compared to the next soul..

Honestly, I have no idea what this song's about...or what was in her mind when they wrote this... but i think it's about a person who has previously been needy in relationships waking up and realizing they can't depend on other people to continually make them happy, or constantly afraid of being left by the other person. No more restless nights, demons, feeling so much desire and dispair over a person. Someone haunted by the failed relationships in their past, and not wanting any more empty, meaningless relationships. Time to move on..Maybe thats why I love this song

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Dinner at Saloma

Saloma Theatre Restaurant that’s where I was last night with a good fren I had not been out with for dinner in a long time...I got a complimentary voucher (RM65++) per head including the show was really really really worth it.
Its been newly renovated Saloma Theatre Restaurant at Jln Ampang beside Zouk...located within the vicinity of Malaysia Tourism Centre (MTC).

Reach there bout 6.45pm, my fren drove in bout 6.55 by 7.15 we are taken in for a lovely table for 2. The dinner was awesome ....the spread delicious from one end to another end, I made sure I tried every dish and was bloody full after that.... ending wiht coffee. I guess I tasted every malaysian dish there lol
Finished off with bubur cha cha

The cultural show was great tooo ..worth every cent and especially its free. They showcased dances from every corner of Malaysia... I was even invited to go up and dance ... an invite I politely decline.

The company was good chatted a lot of things... nice to get things off my mind especially things which are on my mine now on work, life and stuff...then after dinner its back to reality.

After Dinner a fren sms that the moon was lovely... It was nice so I toook a pic of it beside the Twin towers. Though I have seen better view of the moon in kerteh and kuantan this was nice.. a fitting end to dinner.

Monday, February 13, 2006


The first American publisher of valentines was printer and artist Esther Howland. During the 1870s, her elaborate lace cards were purchased by the wealthy, as they cost a minimum of 5 dollars - some sold for as much as 35 dollars. Mass production eventually brought prices down, and the affordable "penny valentine" became popular with the lower classes.

Valentine's Day is big business. Consumers will spend an average of $77.43 on Valentine's Day gifts this year. E-commerce retailers expect to rack up about $650 million in sales of food, candy, flowers, and other Valentine's Day gifts. Of that amount about $350 million will be for gifts and flowers and another $45 million will be spent on food (including chocolate) and wine.

Where do you stand!!!

I HATED Valentines day when I was young. - The constant reminders of not having a valentine can be cruel and inhuman. Even with a romantic partner, Valentines day is way too over-commercialized - TV puts all sorts of expectations on us to 'show our love' ... Not being a cheap arguement was do I need a special day to show the one I loved that I truly love them with cards and gifts and etc etc..
Personally Valentines day for me about 10 years ago was a black episode that I choose not to relive it so on a day when all are celebrating I choose not to. No biggie!!

Now that I am on my own...Valentines Day doesn't bother me so much - I try not to hate it! I am still that head strong, pain in the neck friend that you all love to hate but also a good fren....Deep down I must know that Valentine's Day is a crock, and Joe Millionaire is a happy idiot.

So why do we buy into it all crock? Tomorrow all across the country couples will be hurrying not to be late for their dates. Suitors will be flocking to flower shops to get the best bouquet their money can afford. The singles will be divided: the uninterested will just sleep the night off while those who feel alone will have dinner together. The really unfortunate ones, both with partners or singles, will probably be spending the day wondering what they can do about their lovelife. lol Think about it ...its not the only day in the world u get to celebrate it unlike Raya, Deepavali or Christmas or even New Year.

You can celebrate the love for you partner every other day and twice on Sunday you do not need a day for that.

By the many singles are free for dinner lol

Big Fish Story Part 2

It all boils down to my good fren David and his lust for fishing....and we getting the spoils....

If you have been following my blog consistently you will find a piece on David and the Fish…

Flashback Friday night/Saturday morning...Alphie zoomed in bout 1am…after my rescue mission at 1.30am to pick a fren from Captain Cabin who had passed out, with David’s help we rested the fren in bed..thank got the fren was light lol.

So Saturday morning and I mean early morning after a guys night in my house (it helps when the ladies all go out on dates and some dont come back lol) Its me, David and Alphie, enjoying the night without having people to fuss over us in my apartment. I had started earlier bout 9pm watching American Idol and the subsequent programs starting the tap on Vodka. Popped a new bottle when Aplhie came and David arriving later we carried on…by 3am I was too sleepy and excused my self so it was Alphie and David till 4am and the tossing the key into the house contest as they left.

Any normal human being would have gone home to sleep by my good fren David decided to go Fishing…..and behold he caught 2 Lovely Siakap fish…he buzzes me bout 10 am saying he is bringing it over. I had left the house by 9am as I had made an appointment with L to set up the new apartment….having overslept of course… David drop the fish off with Dory and crash at my place citing not enough sleep. That David for you….. So I finished setting L place by about 3 plus and still not finished…so difficult when you have limited tools. I zoomed to Batu Caves then got back. (that’s another blog)

Back to the fish… we decided the guys were going to cook dinner and since the ladies were out of the house what else better. I grabbed Aplhie we sent out invites to a few frens soon, Tooth, A & A, VS and David who arrived late completed a late dinner. Kalai had backed out and Warrren was vegetarian….Tried to invite XXXie but she had not recovered enough…Lacy had a Yee Sang function and a few other I had invited all turn down...Teddy too(babysitting his dad)

So bout 8 of us having dinner in a table fit for 6…it was nice having A & A…I went thru a marathon to de-scale the fish and cut it up…. Alphie cooked Sambal pedas for one fish while I made the steam ginger and wine for the other fish…by late past dinner time the fish were ready and we yum yum makan. The sambal pedas was really pedas and Tooth could not handle it….but surprisingly A was lapping it up… she was sititng behind me and kep insisting for more sambal until one point I went to the shove and took the remaining batch for her.

We adjourned after dinner having some ice cream…VS loaded Scent of a Woman Alpacino (A 1992 movie The Scent of a Woman is very satisfying on many levels. The character development is superb, dialogue terrific, glamorous locations and a story line that requires the characters to show themselves to be the people they really are. The film has a lot of funny lines and great drama…Pacino succeeds marvellously in portraying a blind man. I never in doubt for a second that he does, in fact, live in total darkness. Yet others, like the cop, probably the spectators in the restaurant in the tango scene, don't realize it. Ironically enough.) …..we all we rooted to watching till the end.

A&A left by about 1am as they had to go back…the rest stayed till the movie was over past 2am and slowly headed back home. It was a pleasure having them over and I probably do it again and again. Thanks David & Aplhie for making it happen.

Sunday, February 12, 2006


Every year, more than a million devotees gather at the Batu Caves - a spectacular site outside Kuala Lumpur - to celebrate the Hindu festival of Thaipusam. As well as taking part in a parade, many of the penitents express their devotion in ways which may well seem strange to outsiders. (The KTM trains and LRT schedules have been extended to shuttle devotees to Batu Caves to prepare for the day).Yahooooo

Thaipusam commemorates the day when the Goddess Parvathi gave her son Murugan an invincible vel (lance), with which he vanquished the evil asura (demons). The festival starts with a procession through the town. A silver chariot carries the image of Lord Subramaniam, Shiva's youngest son, and people throw coconuts on the ground beside it

It's atrocious - that's what I'll say about my recent visit to Batu Caves. I wonder how come nothing is being done about the awful smell from poor waste disposal. Year after year same old thingy. Some of the money spent on beautifying and building more temples & sculptures could have been used to improve the sewage and waste disposal.

The RM10 charge for devotees to pour milk onto the deity is unreasonable. Devotees buy milk at their own cost, carry it up 272 steps, line up in the unmanaged crowd (45 mins or more) and on top of it are charged RM10 (at times, no receipt is given) All out to make a quick buck. But nothing can take away the beauty ofr a kavadi and the rhythmic dances that come out of that.

Till the next one

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Pulau Ketam, me and jnr..oh what the heck bring the rest

In brief
Wat was a trip between Big and Jnr vadai turn out to be a big jing-bang going the more the merrier and it was fun..

The Pulau Ketam is located 30 nautical miles from Port Klang (Longitude : 03 01 03 N, Latitute : 101 15 19 E). The area is about 22.921 km2. The Island is a mangrove island surrounded by mud flat area. It was reported that the first settlement was built in the year 1920. Total population is about 10,000 of which 95% are Chinese, 4% Malay and 1% Indian. There are four neighborhood fishing villages consisting of Ketam Island Township, Bagan Teo Chew, Sungai Lima and Sungai Dua. Most of them are fisherman and seafood restaurant operators. There are also a few aborigines families in Sungai Dua living in traditional fishing village.

Thats the technical part lol

So when you have a bunch of indians bout 15 of us landing in Pulau Ketam I think we shifted the balance on the % lol

We took the open air ferry as opposed ot the aircond to give the kids a feel of everything..Traveling by ferry from Port Klang will take about 45 minutes to reach the jetty at Pulau Ketam. It cost bout RM 10 for a round trip. The boat trip from Southport to Pulau Ketam takes about half an hour and passes near mangroves swamps. Jnr was taking it all in.

The scenery was beautiful and enjoying for the kids...despite the lamenting and the grumbling of the elders I took him and his cousin to the railing of the boat to the cockpit and made sure he had a wonderfultime.

On the the absence of proper motorway, the people in the island are using either motorcycle, bicycle/engine-powered bicycle or simply walk to move from one place to another.

The main area is worth taking a few hours to explore. There are two main commercial streets, where shops and restaurants are built. The Teochew and Hokkien quarters are located a short walk away, though they do congregate at the temples to make offerings to deities. Most people come to island for just one day just like us.
There is only one hotel, and if you like, you can stay at the fish farm or at an homestay and they even got tours/The island is popular for its crab and other seafood.
This rustic fishing village attracts visitors with its unique stilt-village, where the wooden-board streets are just five-feet across. The traffic consists largely of pedestrians and bicycles. On the island are a clinic, schools, a bank, a church, a mosque, a police station and EVEN some pubs.

WE went tocheck out some of the interesting spots on Pulau Ketam, including the Nan Thiam Keng Temple, a centre of worship which gets busy during the sixth day of the sixth month of the Chinese lunar calendar as devotees celebrate the birthday of the temple's deity. There was also another temple nearby, the Hock Leng Keng Temple also gets busy with celebration of it's deity on the 28th day od the fourth lunar month.

A temple right next to wooden houses. The island is said to have been discovered by three Hainanese fishermen about 140 years ago.

WE were lucky since it was post CNY there was lion dances and cracker a double treat for the kids and me toooooo see my multiple shot pics it was awesome..... even the kids never get the chance to see it this close. it was a real treat

Soon it was time for lunch...we stopped by this restaurant ordered crab, prawns, was yummy byt the price same as in Port Klang maybe cheaper then KL. WE enjoyed till we were 'bloody' full. Jnr Vadai was walloping lol.

I took him back to see the live crabs and how they actually cleaned...he was having fun with the crabs tine thry tried to pinch him lol.. Watching how they clean the crab was a delight in it self.

Soon it was time to go home...both the vadai was exhuated and we had a super time with the rest... I was happi that he could get to do all this.


Excape (haha) from PK

I left PK earlier scheduled return....Friday night I made up my mind to return to KL as things were not progressing anymore..I need to unload so I left … wanted to meet XXX for coffee on a Sat to have a familiar face to chat with....that did not materialize…despite that … I packed up and at 7am I left Port Klang jumped on the train...David wanted to drop by to pass the fished he had caught but I was not around...dropped my bags ..check on my terrapins to find one was dead ...gave it a Indah Water funeral then scooted out of the house.

Met a good fren and manage to chit chat with her take my mind of this spends a good 3 hours ..nothing fancy but just to get my mind off things..

I need a drink and I knew the right ppl to meet for it….and the place would be Captain Cabin.

In advertely certain people who were not supposed to join ..ended up coming...hey me no problem coz I wanted to enjoy my self... I think its ironic coz some people would be the right people you would put your arm over the shoulder and some just become distant ghost as you find the gap building. Not that I am fretting over it but when people start to ask you "hey you were so tight, what happened?" I went like dun know you just evolve.

We all change, in some miniscule way...we cant compare last year this time we were behaving like this and not like that.

Back to Captain Cabin, my good fren Aplhie and sis VS join nice to see them. There was big huggs and for that period of time my weight on my shoulder could be cast aside and laugh. Kalai and Ah Moi join us there...oooo someone got a secret admirer lol ....Kalai was in his element ... I had spoken to him so much bout the place and the fact they have "Ah Gua" show... it seem to be the good place for releasing. Kalai showed up and so happen his kampung mates was the DJ. During the show Kalai got roasted by being made to dance on the DJ console half naked lol. That what Kalai is a really good sport and I am glad to know him.

We went thru the sets of "Ah Gua" and the band ( not so good today). One thing amazes me is how well choreographed the ‘ladies’ are especially in their attire.. Vs commented when can even dance and spin in 3 inch heel lol. Well they good entertainment. good respected entertainment

Later my good pal David call ask me to join him there in the Irish pub….. so me go and just chat with him and relax later after grabbing tapau roti canai we all resigned to my house…alp and vs spend the night there Kalai went back after makan..

They make you smile

It was nice after the table talk to get the kids to have fun... Since there was a large playing area we took then outdoor and let them have fun...Joined playing with them and making rules to our advantage...hehehe boys will be boys even the adults lol

We played for about an hour plus then the usually stories like oh mosquito gonna bite, they with catch and cold....grrr old people and their silly excuses .... all good thing must come to an end lol