Tuesday, January 31, 2006

A time to walk away ...Kramer vs. Kramer (1979)

Divorce is an angry, painful time. That's understandable. When two people have shared their lives and then one decides that life is no longer worth sharing, there will be enormous suffering by both partners. As difficult as divorce is on the spouse who doesn't want the marriage to end, even more difficult is divorce on the child or children of the marriage. Adults have control over their lives, even if they don't have control over all occurrences within that life.

Children do not have the same opportunity for control of their lives.

When an adult decides a relationship is too painful to continue, he or she has the option of leaving. When a child is part of a painful relationship, he or she must remain until an alternative becomes available. For a child, that alternative might take the form of running away from home, life on the streets, living with a friend or relative, living with the custodial parent, or, in the worse case, suicide

It is wrong to tell your child that your spouse doesn't love them any more, or to demand that your child take your side in the divorce. Unless, and even if, there are extenuating circumstances, such as child abuse, your child has the right to choose to love the both of you equally. Your child did not ask for this divorce. Your child will be hurt by this divorce as it is, do not compound the pain by using him or her to hurt your spouse.

Kramer vs. Kramer (1979)

Dustin Hoffman .... Ted Kramer Meryl Streep .... Joanna Kramer Jane Alexander .... Margaret Phelps Justin Henry .... Billy Kramer

Ted Kramer is a career man for whom his work comes before his family. His wife Joanna cannot take this anymore, so she decides to leave him. Ted is now faced with the tasks of housekeeping and taking care of himself and their young son Billy. When he has learned to adjust his life to these new responsibilities, Joanna resurfaces and wants Billy back. Ted however refuses to give him up, so they go to court to fight for the custody of their son.
The film shows the agony of people going through a contested Court battle over custody. Although the agony is very real for those going through this,....One's worth as a parent does not depend on how much money one makes! Indeed, it could be argued that the reverse is actually true, in that the less time spent on making a living, the more time and energy one has to devote to the care of one's children. The issue is not who has the best job, but who can best care for the children. Who is the most willing to go the parent-teacher conferences, take the children to the doctor, read to them a story at bedtime, etc.

Saturday, January 28, 2006

Chinese New Year

This year my CNY is with my jnr vadai...we gonna have fun.... anyway all my frens all balik kampung and some even on extended leave from place like Kuantan, Ipoh, Tapah, Johor, Penang..many invited me to join them but this time jnr vadai takes importance


Xin Nian Jin Bu, Wan Shi Ru Yi
(Wishing you a progressive New Year; May all your wish come true.)

Wikipedia says: Chinese New Year (Chinese: 春節, 春节, Chūnjíe; or 農曆新年, 农历新年, Nónglì Xīnnián), also known as the Lunar New Year or the Spring Festival is the most important of the traditional Chinese holidays. It consists of a period of celebrations, starting on New Year's Day, celebrated on the first day of the first month of the Chinese calendar, i.e. the day of the second new moon after the day on which the winter solstice occurs. The Chinese New Year period ends with the Lantern Festival, on the fifteenth day of the festival.

Legend has it that in ancient China, Nian ("Nyehn") was a man-devouring beast that could infiltrate houses silently. The Chinese soon learned that Nian was sensitive to loud noises and the color red, and they scared it away with explosions, fireworks and the liberal use of color red domestically. These customs led to the first New Year celebrations.

Celebrated internationally in areas with large populations of ethnic Chinese, Chinese New Year is considered to be a major holiday for the Chinese as well as ethnic groups such as the Mongolians, Koreans, the Miao (Chinese Hmong) and the Vietnamese (see Tết), who were influenced by Chinese culture in terms of religious and philosophical worldview, language and culture in general. Chinese New Year is also the time when the largest human migration takes place when Chinese all around the world return home on the eve of Chinese New Year to have reunion dinners with their families.

Why we blog & Fellow Bloggers

Why We Blog - THRICE BITTEN THRICE SHY. Three times, that’s 3 times this week my blogging style has been challenged, commented on or praised and used against me. It makes me wonder why we blog. I only know this: We’re all different, and a blog can only be what we as the individuals or groups behind the blog want it to be.

Its a funny blogging world... when you see so many blogger writign about so many different things ...some that you like...some totally unexpected .. Frequently updated and written in a personal tone, a blog is a diary or journal where the writer or “blogger” will write her observations on the world or provide links to useful websites. Different bloggers write about different themes, sort of like a newspaper columnist but with no specialized training necessary.

I updated some links from my blog they are worth of at least a glance but more then that they are worth a good read...you may not agree but we are here agreeing to disagree.. Enjoy

Raven Marie
A gorgeous lady with a gorgeous heart...one of the reason I started blogging and got hooked.

This one cought my eye a very very interesting read

The man has begun to blog
I recently got to knwo this fren and not turned blogged and was blown away but the inner working of his mind.

Drama Queen - My Fav
I blog that frequent daily cant get enough of her articiles..always waiting for the next posting

PK - a darling
She just makes me laugh...a darling fren..a fellow chatter...

I was introduced to this blogger and got hooked..read it for your self

Friday, January 27, 2006

Yee Sang

Did you know the tradition of eating yee sang during Chinese New Year, this is a recently invented “tradition” of the Chinese in Malaysia (and Singapore). I, darthvadai search and found this fact on the interner lo. Very the true!!!

Yee sang – a dish of raw fish slices mixed with crunchies and other ingredients plus sauces of various kinds – is not part of New Year cuisine among the Chinese of Mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong etc.

Part of the attraction or fun of eating yee sang comes from audience participation or participant observation, i.e., all those present at the dinner table, whether young or old or men or women, are supplied with chopsticks and are actively encouraged to indulge in boisterous mixing of the ingredients simultaneously. Thus, a feeling of family togetherness/bonding/affirmation of ties/social solidarity is created at the same time. I suppose one could also say that the kids enjoy this because it allows them the rare chance of playing with their food without being reprimanded for it by adults! HEHEHEHE

Extract from another blogger "In my opinion, yee sang dishes at Chinese restaurants in Malaysia and Singapore are grossly overpriced during the New Year season (traditionally the period of celebration for the New Year is 15 days). Nevertheless, diners are willing to pay for it because of its association with good luck, prosperity and business success (sale of expensive yee sang dishes certainly brings prosperity and business success to restaurant owners!).

A classic case of successful marketing indeed. Upscale yee sang containing slices of expensive fish or abalone can burn a big hole in one’s pocket. From what I have read in the Singaporean mass media, the ordering of grossly overpriced yee sang dishes also allows one to indulge in “kiasuism”, i.e., one can display one’s wealth to poorer relatives, friends and business acquaintances by ordering expensive dishes of yee sang or other foods in restaurants and never mind the taste. A local version of the potlatch, I suppose. As for the masses, they can still eat yee sang during Chinese New Year by buying do-it-yourself kits and by using cheap fish for the fish slices."


It started off when I was reading a fellow blogger posting of Alleycats (http://blogginginthenude.blogspot.com/)

Who are they??

The 1980s were dominated by the soft rock group the Alleycats with the most consistent record sales. Their music blended elements of Western folk and pop music with local asli rhythms. Non-Malays recorded, wrote, produced and performed increasingly in the Malay language.
The Alleycats, started in 1979, is a Malaysian live band from Penang. Group Members Loganathan Arumugam and David Arumugam on vocal Tan Chin Hock on Drums Shunmugam Arumugam on Lead guitar Chester Anthony Passerella on saxophone Khoo Fook Sin on Keyboards, Grenville on keyboards Frank Ong on Bass Guitar..From 1979 they have been belting out hits after hits with memorable songs like Senandung Semalam, Andainya aku pergi dulu, Sekuntum mawar merah sebuah puisi, Setahun sudah berlalu, Pilihan terakhir, Puisi untuk sang puteri, Suara kekasih, Sampaikan salam cintaku, Pedoman
Cinta yang suci, Sehingga akhir hayatku

Song which you could sing to in an instant. Thye are icon and believe it or not I have never seen them live. Horror of Horrors!!! Gasp!!!! Push came to shove, swallowing my embarassment I went with the gang, leading the charge was Tai kor...this was in conjunction with my visit to The Curve. Tai kor already a musical genious was leading the pack joined in by Svejjen (0-2), and his bandwagon of Floyd, Viv (the date) soon it was a bunch of 10 ppl singing along in a mega karaoke.

I actually got to speak wiht Loga and David in different occasion that night and it made me happy to meet icons... Sve and me was already singing along later on Alphie and Vs too...who cares bout girl when you got Alleycats.... we left the ladies alone and started singing along. wakkakakakaka awesome an awesome night. If you get the change go and see them at The Curve.

Its time for a guys night out!!!

Crab Stick, Asam Laksa and my sunday

Never send a guy to do a ladies job... how true that maybe... (FLASHBACK PREVIOUS SUNDAY)

Deflowering crab sticks to slice them and fry them as a CNY delicacy is a common ritual so when David, Alphie and Vs decided to drop by for pasar malam Asam laksa, itchy finger Alphie could not resist to try his hands at deflowering the crab sticks with disastrous results.

So it was your typical-laze-in-the-house Sunday evening when Alphie buzzzz and say they dropping by for asam laksa… so told him to grab david… they drop by walloping it and then laid back watch Smallville and Apprentice (wei 4 ppl got fired lo) David was at all time under the impression the asam laksa was home made and after the 2nd helping he comments that I made changes to the soup lol. It was a riot coz we were all trying to keep a straight face which he had the “home-made” asam laksa. Truly David is a one of a kind , I comments to Vs that every time with David seem to be like a new episode. It took some time for the realization to sink in and that is even after we told him lol.

David already meddling his finger on the house laptop which incidently is way way to slow for him. Checking his data and also the scores of matches...I was a nice way to end the weekend a nice way indeed,

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Malaysia Most Beautiful

Caution - This would be nasty

To me the show looks more like America Next Top Model wannabe, but it is easy to differ because Malaysia’s Most Beautiful not only accept young girls or models, they also have 43 years old women on the show.(nt discriminating againt age but there must be a criterion)

The problem with that show is that i really don’t get it. I mean whats the point of that show really? To find someone not only with outer beauty but also inner beauty? But what if they fake out their personality for the sake of getting into the finals and grab the grand prizes. As i know in the final 2, the contestant with the highest sms votes will grab the title as Malaysia’s Most Beautiful(thats tonight), so whats next? What the winner contributes? For example winner of America Next Top Model will get contracts for modelling but how about this show? Get the winner to do catwalks?

Honestly I think the only thing worth watching for this show is the controversy and bitch fight which will come in the next episode....Ok maybe I am picky, but that's the truth!

The more i watch Malaysia's Most Beautiful, the more I'm convinced I'm watching Malaysia's Not So Beautiful or Malaysia's Ugliest. If that's what happened when you put all the women together, I do not think Malaysian women would be proud those on the shows are 'representing' them. Most of those (except a few) that got eliminated didn't show any grace, they just showed they are just pure sore losers and deserved to be kicked out and received a literal 'kick on the butt'. It speaks volume of the not so good judgements practised by the judges who responsible to choose the final list of women 'representing' Malaysia's Most Beautiful. Maybe, they just wanna more dramas on the show to gain ratings....

Somehow its justified after each airing just how silly is the show and similar shows like these. After all the bitchiness that you see on the screen about each of them. How can they still be beautiful in our eyes. Perhaps, I am shallow and am not able to see beyond all that but... really, to me, they have no basis for their claims to be malaysia's most beautiful. If you talk about their outer look, oh please... If you talk about their attitude, they can be your next door blonde girl (minus the look).

Soon, there might be a reality show called - Malaysia's Most Slutty. Yes "that, I want to see"
In summary.....
Talk about scraping the bottom of the barrel!! Of course these "women" do not represent majority of Malaysian women....just the ugly side hehehehehe Anyway, the beautiful ones DO NOT need a TV program on some tv station to tell them they're gorgeous

Even beauty may present a prism wearying to the eye.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

The Curve

The Curve is the latest concept shopping mall that opened up in Mutiara Damansara, completing the Holy Trinity (IKEA-Ikano Power Center - 1 Utama - The Curve) of consumerism. The Curve is located right opposite Ikano Power Center and the architecture of the place is dominated by...well, curves, so to speak…The Curve is being promoted as a different designer shopping center and it just opened recently so I decided to go there

I hav never been there so on the pretext of seeing Alleycats (another blog), Jen had setup 2 ladies as our dates.... for me and David so we gathered all the chaters XXX, Devil, oh we had Angel there too lol,

Before that I have to say this... XXX you welcome to jump into my bed but be careful how u land on me ...demm that woman landed in my apt bout 4pm I was soundly asleep the rest dun know what she doing…she got into my room actually jump landing on me giving a wake up call..was startled and my chest hurt!!! now usually I do not object to wemin landing on me but dun give me a heart attack.. Luv ya XXXie

So when it concern my tai kor when clubbing or going to party of hanging out his concept of early is 11pm…that’s early for him…the minute he knew Jenn had set up dates for both of us waaaaaaa 6pm already he in my house lo with a lovelt birthday baju Td bough for him b4.. oh ya I saw IKEA!!!!!

We landed early at the curve makan at Di Kayu (lousy service good food) ronda ronda…. Me you know la taking pics cuci mata…wehile we all doing that my tai kor David checking out sound system. Llllaaaaaaa

I must say it is a damn nice shopping mall but i think that area has over crowded with shopping malls liao leh. I didn't see a lot of shoppers on each visit…The palm tree lined street is a refreshing change from the usual enclosed shopping centers around here. There are also transparent glass walkways interconnecting the two courtyards at the upper floors of The Street…. Good place to lepak

Her New Place

I been with a fren up and down and in out ...sometimes it backfired on me and turbulent times it had it fair share of pain and fun...I have had in recent time examine and redefine that.

Anyway L picked up a new apartment to rent and being a nice good fren I proceed to help her set up(oi) she picked me up from Sentral and we head to her new place...did the milk thingy... one thingI got to admit L sure know how to pick a place check the pics out...frigging superb view

I fell in love with the sunset.. its a nice place and she want to build it up..based on me setting up my pad...seeem like I am the most qualified hehehehe I should charge consultancy for this.

Then we headed for dinner...looking for place around her place but not was nice enough ...one shop did catch out eyes but it did not take plastic..... so proceed to a place of find cusine VC...it was L's treat so wine was the other of the day then I had a flaming piece of meat lol,.... as with the standard the cusine so was the presentation of the food and the pouring of the wine we finished close to midnight as she drop me off... Nice time.. for a few fleeting moments the ice melted away but then...time to go home

Rapid KL New Services

Frankly speaking, the way to go around KL now, with all the high parking rates, is to use public transport (which I do not really fancy due to the irregularity and the inner atmosphere of those public transport vehicles ). As Rapid KL is going to introducing the inner city shuttle bus , I am hopeful that it will help but as always, how much will it help to reduce the traffic in Kuala Lumpur when most of us in the city are driving at least a Perodua Kancil now and intend to reach the destination and park there.

Jams eat into the petrol and time and reduced the distance that we can run. Smart driving and proper planning to go around Klang Valley to meet people are very important now and if you are going to one place to another twice a day, it mmight eat into quite a heavy expenses.

Hopefully, when Rapid Kl fully integrates the entire bus public transportation system in KL, I will not have to grumble and suffered the pain of the increasingly hectic and torrid life in KL lol

Grab these shots on their launch day as I was meeting a fren to pick me up from Sentral for bless the new apartment she moving into. Lovely looking new busses

Meeting Chaters

This isn't meant to scare anybody off the idea of making "real-life" friends through the Internet - countless relationships, even marriages, have been formed on-line and parlayed successfully into what netspeak calls "IRL" - in real life. The highly publicized cases of people turning out to be not quite who they said they were (at best) or downright dangerous (at worst) are just that: the highly publicized exceptions.

Still, that doesn't mean you shouldn't exercise all reasonable cautions... There are friends that I have met on the Internet. I have not met these people in person but over time we have developed a friendship it is challenging for me because there are some after meeting actually are not what they are and you actually draw a new perspective on them. Call me old fashion but I prefer a face to face meeting.... while the internet allows you the freedom to mask, I never use it as one....and lately I have started to go out and meet chatter nor for the reason of unmasking them but to meet to see if they are for real...

One such chatter who was close to me telling my all the prob...when I met this chatter with other chatters in public ...I never spill the beans on what they confide in me...I keep their trust as they keep mine..sadly not all like that....some use it as a weapon... Before I used to keep quiet and try to cover up...nowadays...I just dun bother anymore... you wanna tell ...you wanna gossip....so be it...I wont stoop to your level.

So we all met for yam cha one day in Cheras, my Tai kor was the band wagon leader as a few chatters met, one chap came down from Penang for some other matters also showed up… Its nice when your not paying the bill lol…in summary it was nice to meet them and it liven up when alphie and vs showed up…we are getting to be a groupie alphie, vs, david and me lol…nice crazy frens

Busy Busy Busy

Its already Wed lo go so much work and 2 tenders closing.

Let see what I have to blog about

- the new bus services
- irc yam cha get together
- my 1st visit to the curve
- the cool cats
- me dinner with a felllow MSN chatter
- a frens house and fine cousine
- dinner wiht Ethan and Christy

waaaaaaaa must post all those lo

Back to work now

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Whats in a Song / Nickleback

Wikipedia - A song is a piece of music which contains words. Old Macdonald had a Farm is a song.
Songs can be made in many ways. Some people form bands which write and record songs to make money from it. Other songs are folk songs, which are songs created by people long ago and have been sung as tradition in many countries. Some people also make parodies of songs, which is usually changing the words of the song but keeping the tune. Parodies are usually made to make fun of a song or it's writer/singer (Parody artist Weird Al Yankovic is an example of this).

I am usualy pretty open in my taste of a song on a good day I can belt out a Sinatra to Bo Bice to Sudirman...it fills me in....Nickleback is a group that cought my eyes with a few of the songs espcially Photograph in the current playing circle over our airwaves.. Photograph one of the many songs that definately got to listen to again and again.. I like it...it fits... They are in fact the essence a band


Look at this photograph , Every time I do it makes me laugh
How did our eyes get so red?
And what the hell is on Joey’s head?

And This is where I grew up
I think the present owner fixed it up
I never knew we ever went without
The second floor is hard for sneakin’ out

And This is where I went to school
Most of the time had better things to do
Criminal record says I broke in twice
I must’ve done it half a dozen times

I wonder if it’s too late , Should I go back and try to graduate
Life’s better now than it was back then
If I was them, I wouldn’t let me in
Oh oh oh Oh god I, I

Every memory of looking out the back door
I Had the photo album spread out on my bedroom floor
It’s hard to say it , Time to say it
Goodbye, Goodbye
Every memory of walking out the front door
I found the photo of the friend that I was looking for
It's hard to say it , Time to say it
Goodbye, Goodbye , Goodbyyyyeeee

Remember the old arcade
Blew every dollar that we ever made
The cops hated us hanging out
They say somebody went and burned it down

We used to listen to the radio
And sing along with every song we’d know
We said someday we’d find out how it feels
To sing to more than just the steering wheel

Kim’s the first girl I kissed
I was so nervous that I nearly missed
She’s had a couple of kids since then
I haven’t seen her since God knows when
Oh oh oh Oh god I, I

Every memory of looking out the back door
I had the photo album spread out on my bedroom floor
It’s hard to say it Time to say it
Goodbye, Goodbye
Every memory of walking out the front door
I found the photo of the friend that I was looking for
It's hard to say it Time to say it
Goodbye, Goodbye

I miss that town I miss their faces
You can’t erase You can’t replace it

I miss that town I can't believe it
So hard to stay Too hard to leave it

If I could relive those days
I know the one thing that would never change

Every memory of looking out the back door
I had the photo album spread out on my bedroom floor
It’s hard to say it Time to say it
Goodbye, Goodbye

Every memory of walking out the front door
I found the photo of the friend that I was looking for
It's hard to say it It’s time to say it
Goodbye, Goodbye

Look at this photograph
Every time I do it makes me laugh
Every time I do it makes me.

Time to move on

Being Left handed

Left-handed, that is. (Yeah, yeah. "It's the only thing left about me." "Left-handed people are in their right minds." .)

I am in my rihgt mind and I am left handed, taking noted at a meeting today someone remarked "wow ur lefthanded " like seieng an albino in the desert hellllooooo wake up!!

One in every 10 people is left-handed, and males are one and a half times more likely to be left-handed then females, according to Lefthanders International. Being left handed is a point of pride for all of us raised in polite right handed society.

Are left-handed people nature's way of starting a fight?
Alexander the Great was one, as was Billy the Kid and John McEnroe. Now scientists believe they can explain why some people are left-handed, and it's all to do with coming out on top in a fight. (not been there nor have I done that)

True, it’s not all bad.

Here some interesting facts off the net

Folklore and Superstitions
For thousands of years, the Devil has been associated with the left hand in various ways and is normally portrayed as being left-handed in pictures and other images. In the seventeenth century it was thought that the Devil baptised his followers with his left-hand and there are many references in superstitions to the "left-hand side" being associated with evil. As an example, in France it was held that witches greet Satan "avec le bras gauche" or with the left hand. It is also considered that we can only see ghosts if we look over our left shoulder and that the Devil watches us over the left shoulder.

Evil spirits lurk over the left shoulder - throw salt over this shoulder to ward them off. In Roman times, salt was a very valuable commodity, giving rise to the word "salary" and was considered a form of money at the time. If salt was spilled, that was considered very bad luck, that could only be avoided by throwing some of the spilled salt over your left shoulder to placate the devil.

Getting out of bed with the left foot first means that you will have a bad day and be bad tempered . i.e. getting out of bed the wrong side.
A ringing in the right ear means that someone is praising you. In the left ear it means that someone is cursing or maligning you.
An itchy right palm means that you will receive money. An itchy left palm means you will have to give money.
Wedding rings worn on the third finger of the left hand originated with the Greeks and Romans, who wore them to fend of evil associated with the left-hand
The Romans originally considered the left to be the lucky side and used for augury. However, they later changed back to the Greek methods and favoured the right-hand side.
The right hand often symbolises 'male' while the left hand is 'female'.
If you hear the sound of a cuckoo from the right it will be a lucky year. If the sound comes from the left it will be unlucky.
The Meru people of Kenya believed that the left-hand of their holy man has such evil power that he had to keep it hidden for the safety of others.
If your right eye twitches you will see a friend, if it's your left eye that twitches you'll see an enemy.
When dressmaking it's believed to be bad luck to sew the left-hand sleeve onto a garment before the right sleeve.
When leaving to go on a journey, if your right foot itches you're bound to have a good journey. If your left foot itches it will end in sorrow.
It is thought to be bad luck to pass a drink to another person with your left-hand or anti-clockwise around a table.

Superstitions that are IN FAVOUR of Lefties
Anyone who digs coal out of the ground from under his or her left foot in the Spring will have very good luck.
If you apply an ointment with the forefinger of the right hand the sore will not heal. This is because this finger is said to be the 'poison' finger.
The ancient Zuni tribe considered left-handedness a sign of good luck. They believed the left was the older and wiser

Social behaviour
Passing or pouring wine with the left hand leads to bad luck.
A left-handed toast is tantamount to a curse on the victim.
Driving on the left - started so that horse riders could use their whips in the right-hand to fend off other road users - see more about this

Christianity is strongly based towards the right hand. It is the right had that gives the blessing and make the sign of the cross.
On one count, the bible contains over 100 favourable reference to the right-hand and 25 unfavourable references to the left-hand. E.g.: The right hand of the lord doeth valiantly, the right hand of the lord is exalted (Psalm 118 vv15,16)
The left hand does worst in the parable of the sheep and goats. The sheep are set on Christ's right hand and the goats on the left. Those on the right inherit the kingdom of god while those on the let depart into everlasting fire.
The situation is much the same in Judaism and Islam. In Islam, the left hand and everything associated with it is seen as unclean. This stems from the Middle Eastern custom of using the left-hand and water instead of toilet paper.

Officials in Mensa, the high IQ society believe as many as 20% of their members are left-handed.
The first recorded Siamese twins born in 1811 were joined at the waist. Their names? Chang and Eng, which simply meant 'Left and Right'
The figurehead on the Cutty Sark is a left-handed witch.
Studies have shown that left-handers are more likely to have allergies than right-handers - aahtishoooo!!
Most left-handers, when drawing figures face them to the right.

Monday, January 23, 2006

This one cought my eye

Da Vinci Code - thoughts of a mad man!!!

I was wandering around the house, doing a bit of daily cleaning, feeling joyful because the sunlight was streaming through the windows and jnr turning hte house upside down...getting lost in my thoughts, considering changes of spring and renewal and the new year beakoening... I started thinking about ties that bond us.....what keep that bond thru relationships and religion..

Dun let me start talking bout religion and belief..I punch so many holes thru there the hole in the Titanic would be a pimple...its not cussing or discouraging ppl to believe but... trying to understand why they believe... Religion and Belief

As human we are ke-po-chi...lol...yeah we are...We all have a need to know where we come from, why we are here, what our purpose is and if there is something greater out there in the universe. Having a higher greatness or a life beyond this one is something we all desire and are curious about. It’s an innate trait that humans have. Part of that quest to discover our spirituality requires some direction. We want to know where we fit in the big picture. We want answers to what will happen next. To think that when this life is over that we completely cease to exist is almost inconceivable to is. We have so many question where (in my opinion) no one in the present life that we know and our generation before could not also answer or hand down the answers.

That is why so many people are drawn to religion. It gives us some common ground with like minded people on the theories behind all these big questions. So then you have all the branches of religion, each with there own idea of the answers. I think most religions are similar in their norms and morals.

Reading DaVinci Code (DVC) open my eyes to ever more grey area..what if you woke up and very foundation ur belifef, ur life has been tailored upon was fake, was man made, was actually a story,... as I read thru the book it was punching holes and asking question and in certain aspects the right kind of questions...go read it before the movies comes out. Trust me its worth it.

Alas DVC is a fiction thriller but god dammed it punched holes alright.

"History is the version of past events that people have decided to agree upon." -Napoleon - how true that is and how similar that is our beliefs

"Science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind." -Albert Einstein

WOW...Blockbuster perfection. An exhilaratingly brainy thriller. Not since the advent of Harry Potter has an author so flagrantly delighted in leading readers on a breathless chase and coaxing them through hoops.

A stunning new thriller that will provoke much debate. Dan Brown's extensive research on secret societies and symbology adds intellectual depth to this page-turning thriller. His surprising revelations on Da Vinci's penchant for hiding codes in his paintings will lead the reader to search out renowned artistic icons as The Mona Lisa, The Madonna of the Rocks and The Last Supper. The Last Supper holds the most astonishing coded secrets of all and, after reading The Da Vinci Code, you will never see this famous painting in quite the same way again. --BOOKREPORTER.COM

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Lie or Truth???

Lies can be destructive. So, too, can the truth. So sometimes in your journey you weight the difference in distruction between a lie and the truth and choose one..

You stick with that choice...telling the truth while relatively easy they say, but still has a burden and a price to pay....but walk a mile in that shoes and you know. Is there a difference between lying to hiding the truth... well maybe its a manner of interpretation or deep down inside there is actually a difference...

The easy excuse will be mitigating circumstances...No one will say telling the truth is easy they will say lying is easy coz it gives u a escape route...what if you have to lie? And the lie was justified?

Monday, January 16, 2006

Sword of Damocles, The by: James Baldwin, The Book of Virtues

There once was a king named Dionysius who ruled in Syracuse, the richest city in Sicily. He lived in a fine palace where there were many beautiful and costly things, and he was waited upon by a host of servants who were always ready to do his bidding.

Naturally, because Dionysius had so much wealth and power, there were many in Syracuse who envied his good fortune. Damocles was one of these. He was one of Dionysius's best friends, and he was always saying to him, "How lucky you are! You have everything anyone could wish for. You must be the happiest man in the world."

One day Dionysius grew tired of hearing such talk. "Come now," he said, "do you really think I'm happier than everyone else?"
"But of course you are," Damocles replied. "Look at the great treasures you possess, and the power you hold. You have not a single worry in the world. How could life be any better?"
"Perhaps you would like to change places with me," said Dionysius.
"Oh, I would never dream of that," said Damocles. "But if I could only have your riches and your pleasures for one day, I should never want any greater happiness."
"Very well. Trade places with me for just one day, and you shall have them."

And so, the next day, Damocles was led to the palace, and all the servants were instructed to treat him as their master. They dressed him in royal robes, and placed on his head a crown of gold. He sat down at a table in the banquet hall, and rich foods were set before him. Nothing was wanting that could give him pleasure. There were costly wines, and beautiful flowers, and rare perfumes, and delightful music. He rested himself among soft cushions, and felt he was the happiest man in all the world.
"Ah, this is the life," he sighed to Dionysius, who sat at the other end of the long table. "I've never enjoyed myself so much."

And as he raised a cup to his lips, he lifted his eyes toward the ceiling. What was that dangling above him, with its point almost touching his head?
Damocles stiffened. The smile faded from his lips, and his face turned ashy pale. His hands trembled. He wanted no more food, no more wine, no more music. He only wanted to be out of the palace, far away, he cared no where. For directly above his head hung a sword, held to the ceiling by only a single horsehair. Its sharp blade glittered as it pointed right between his eyes. He started to jump up and run, but stopped himself, frightened that any sudden move might snap the thin thread and bring the sword down. He sat frozen to his chair.
"What is the matter, my friend?" Dionysius asked. "You seem to have lost your appetite."
"That sword! That sword!" whispered Damocles. "Don't you see it?"

"Of course I see it," said Dionysius. "I see it every day. It always hangs over my head, and there is always the chance someone or something may cut the slim thread. Perhaps one of my own advisors will grow jealous of my power and try to kill me. Or someone may spread lies about me, to turn people against me. It may be that a neighboring kingdom will send an army to seize this throne. Or I might make an unwise decision that will bring my downfall. If you want to be a leader, you must be willing to accept these risks. They come with the power, you see."

"Yes, I do see," said Damocles. "I see now that I was mistaken, and that you have much to think about besides your riches and fame. Please take your place, and let me go back to my own house."
And as long as he lived, Damocles never again wanted to change places, even for a moment, with the king.

Clock moves forward

Artist Bill Withers - Song Aint No Sunshine

Ain't no sunshine when she's gone
It's not warm when she's away
Ain't no sunshine when she's gone
and she's always gone too long
Anytime she goes away

Wonder this time where she's gone
Wonder if she's gonna stay
Ain't no sunshine when she's gone
and this house just ain't no home
anytime she goes away

And I know, I know...
Ain't no sunshine when she's gone
Ain't no sunshine when she's gone
Only darkness everyday

Ain't no sunshine when she's gone
and this house just ain't no home
anytime she goes away

Friday, January 13, 2006

Aarghh! It's Friday, the 13th!

Supposedly the unluckiest day of the year. But that rather depends if you believe in luck.
Are you superstitious? Do you freak at the sign of a black cat, cry over spilt milk and throw salt over your shoulder?

Fear Free?You may not take drastic safety precautions every Friday the 13th, but are you totally immune to the superstition? Given the choice, would you get married, start a new job or close on a house on Friday the 13th? Superstition has a way of creeping up on people when they're in a particularly vulnerable state.

The Christian TraditionThe fear of Friday the 13th stems from two separate fears -- the fear of the number 13 and the fear of Fridays. Both fears have deep roots in Western culture, most notably in Christian theology. Thirteen is significant to Christians because it is the number of people who were present at the Last Supper (Jesus and his 12 apostles). Judas, the apostle who betrayed Jesus, was the 13th member of the party to arrive.

Christians have traditionally been wary of Fridays because Jesus was crucified on a Friday. Additionally, some theologians hold that Adam and Eve ate from the forbidden fruit on a Friday, and that the Great Flood began on a Friday. In the past, many Christians would never begin any new project or trip on a Friday, fearing they would be doomed from the start.

Sailors were particularly superstitious in this regard, often refusing to ship out on a Friday. According to unverified legend (very likely untrue), the British Navy commissioned a ship in the 1800s called H.M.S. Friday, in order to quell the superstition. The navy selected the crew on a Friday, launched the ship on a Friday and even selected a man named James Friday as the ship's captain. Then, one Friday morning, the ship set off on its maiden voyage... and disappeared forever. A similar, entirely factual story is the harrowing flight of Apollo 13. Dat became a Tom Hanks Movie

Some historians suggest the Christian distrust of Fridays is actually linked to the early Catholic Church's overall supression of pagan religions and women. In the Roman calendar, Friday was devoted to Venus, the goddess of love. When Norsemen adapted the calendar, they named the day after Frigg, or Freya, Norse goddesses connected to love and sex. Both of these strong female figures once posed a threat to male-dominated Christianity, the theory goes, so the Christian church vilified the day named after them.

This characterization may also have played a part in the fear of the number 13. It was said that Frigg would often join a coven of witches, normally a group of 12, bringing the total to 13. This idea may have originated with the Christian Church itself; it's impossible to verify the exact origins of most folklore. A similar Christian legend holds that 13 is unholy because it signifies the gathering of 12 witches and the devil. (Go read Dan Brown)

The number 13 could also have been considered pagan because there are 13 months in the pagan lunar calendar. The lunar calendar also corresponds to the human menstrual cycle, connecting the number to femininity.

So still wanna think Friday the 13th mean nothing

Chain email

Why exactly would you bother writing a chain e-mail?

What exactly is the point of the bullshit that says that if you dont send it on to 85 other morons, who will send it on to 85 of their moron friends then you will die/be unhappy/be unlucky/or your true love will never love you back..

Ladies and Gentlemen welocme to the world of cyber from mail chain letters to now email chain letters...What a load of crap. Worse still than the morons who write the complete shite in the first place, are the people who send it to me (presumably believing it, or maybe sending it 'just in case it's true, lol!!!!!'.

For god's sake, what are you hoping to achieve? Do you think to yourself, she could do with a bit of good luck, I'll cheer her up by sending her this delight of an e-mail, and then everything will be fine.

On the off chance though, that she cannot/will not/does not have 85 friends to send it to,(in less than 3 minutes) she will be eternally damned to hell, or bad luck. deemmmm

Don't look at me like that, I'm in a great mood.

My makcik,

I nt always a bond of friendship can be sustained or built over a long distant and I am glad to have a fren like that. She is my makcik…her once in a blue moon pilgrimage to our capital leaves us with nothing but fond memories of her and a barrel of laughs.

Such an occasion was this as she landed on Fri we met her up at beach on sat where a good bunch of ppl arrive with new faces and old…lacy was there with semut…clinging on to him like the protective figure he is… the ladies and to a certain extent even me had good time ribbing her and disturbing her. Lovely to see Subbie …poor girl despite her bad back she showed up but towards the middle it was just to much for her and she had to take a seat…I kept her company for a while did not want her being hijacked by the gwailos and leng chai waiting in line for her lol

Kalai had a few secrets unwrapped with his school mates dropping by… then he met another back of his ex school mates who practically lifted him up to the podium and dance the night away…with the eye roving VJ…

King David made his grand entrance thru the front then back then it was a merry go round to see where he was and when we were out he was in lol.

Pik showed up in his biker gear always lovely to see him….

The rest was me, Rat, Makcik, ah moi and xxie…. Ah moi had disappeared on her own coz like everyone was in different corners……I checked on Subbie one last time tooo see if the was in good safe hands…noticed that semut and Lacy joined to keep her company and ahmoi sitting on a different table…lol let them be as I grab David and Kalai …parked my ass on a chair and enjoyed the night…. As bees returned to their hives slowly all came back…. Subbie left coz her back hurt too much poor girl…

Makcik was in her elements and we had lots of fun with her…a damm good fren and one that can make u laugh grab some pics and back to partying…theme ..”The return of makcik!!!.

Soon after all spread their wings and came back I was enjoying the night…Kind David tried to set up Kalai with a bare back chick and her fren…quite good looking I might add and king david was playing cupid and they even manage to exchange numbers…ahhh the good old days…too bad I dun do that anymore…must be the old age…

We clubbed till past midnight…. Then all went their separate ways…King David was hungry for more so we adjourned to my place with Vodka and maling and sambal belacan chatting talking just us till 7am. David stayed over and found the penalty of sleeping on a bed without checking it first only to find in the middle of morning a cloth peg under his back lol.

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