Thursday, November 01, 2007

Deepavali at KL Sentral & Berjaya Times Square

Well the gang got together again this time no Beem and Kavi... beem coz he recovering and Kavi had to work..

We makan at selvam corner and ronda ronda and buy buy stuff for deepavali. We did this last year and it was nice doing it again. Note the kacang putih stand that actually 4 years old hahahahaha It was awesome fun and nice hanging out with them

The 1st pic is the lobby for BTS... others are from KL Sentral and Brickfields

Notice the Kacang Stall, that display stand is 4 years old

The most hilarious moment when a lady walked to my scud and com and shoved this paper directly to com. A riot hahahha me and scud we laughing till we were crying

Com was flabbergasted and could only respond kindly and later he vented his frustration at us


MrScuderria said...

The funny thing was seeing this Mat Salleh lady charge to Com with the leaflet on weight loss.......not that i was any much slim, but it had to be Com........and the funny thing was, the weight loss brochure werent the only hardcore leaflet he received that day.........

Any event/get-together with great company is fun.........

CLEO said...

wahh pakcik soping tak ajak i pun. nak ikuttt laa. nak makan dosaiii lagi hehe

Anonymous said...

vadai how come I am not invited also


darthvadai said...

Cleo - dosai boleh you special waiter will serve you,

S - it not an invite function just good frens who know each other come.

Mr Scud, well said