Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Slow down the Clock IPTC

One of the biggest challenges when you ave to turn around with your back to the wall. Undertaking an event in less then 2-3 weeks with no basic setup is both lunacy and #$%$#%.

But looking back it seem this is what we thrive on, time and time again we shoot our selves in the foot and procrastinate (sometimes) and then grab and run. Thanks goodness that we come out on top all the time so far but its just a matter fo time before we crash.

So 3 week from ground zero to to this finish products which included a corporate make over, new logos, new profiles, new layouts new this new that.

Above that there was 2 outstation stips and the Big Kahuna (BK) was away so most approvals vis emails. Try coordinating that wiht 6 subsidary companies.

The headmaster (thats me) as appointed by the Big Kahuna it self was used to his but his co partner was new on the block so it was fun.

I like when we finally did the final briefing which I introduced my self as Vadai the guy who will be helping behind the scene and the BK says what Vadai mean he is the headmaster and A-Z will be under my running, I chuckle saying this time I got a whip. In the end it s double edges sword where I will not be liked for what I do but the exhibition and conference is above everyone else.

In sumarry it was a great exhibitino with uniforms and response and leads. Did I have fun? yeah but was down at time ,( 2 deaths took place during that time one of it on the opening day of the exhibition) was exhausted but Vadai delivers

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Anonymous said...

Nice booth I am sure you and your team worked hard at it.

Were you rewarded?