Sunday, January 25, 2009

I Love Egg curry

In one of my train ride to the city ass I sat beside my regular TP out came the conversation of Egg Curry which she happen to take to work, after riling her up that she did not bring some for me and driving the guilty feeling to the max I launched into a challange that I would make my own or rather my mom would lol...

, like a bulb lighting up above my head I had instant I reached home told mummy dearest been a long time since she made Muttai kulambu hahahaha

She did ask what prompted me to have the sudden desire for it.... I narrated to her what happened with me and TP. So came the very Friday she made a pot full yum yum with plain white rice and just this I was in heaven... unfortunately I could not show TP on the way to work on Monday coz I had finished it all...anyway there is always next time


Anonymous said...

god!! this sounds like revenge!! fyi, i did not take muttai kulambu to work. i just mentioned that we had muttai kulambu the day earlier. sheesh! some ppl just love rubbing it in.

p.s. tell mum i'd some of her muttai kulambu. looks yummy :)


darthvadai said...

Yeah but I did rile you why you did not bring for me when I do the same!!!!

its yummy and you cant have any hahahaha every drop for me muahahahahaha