Thursday, May 07, 2009


Firstly - Brian Rashwan thanks for inviting me and taking me there... I had not been to plays and theater a long time and it was indeed refreshing to be watching it again.

Also the Appam session was worth every juicy drop, the least I could do is pick up the tab

Secondly - Advisory: recommended for mature audiences only which is posted on the web is very correct.

Well this is KLPAC at night love the way the building lights up.. took me a while to get this shot...

Doors open at 8.30 show starts at 8.45 and there was a crowd.... we were "GUEST" lol


Presenter : klpac
Director : Joe Hasham
Writer : Mark Beau de Silva
Featuring : Dato' Faridah Merican & Mark Beau de Silva

SYNOPSIS: BOTTOM TOP is a story about a 52-year-old mother, Bertha, who is about to re-marry. As she prepares the guest list with her son, Melvin, they screen through the people in their lives to invite as guests for the limited 150 seats at the Oversea Restaurant. Secretly, Bertha is trying to find a seating partner and, ultimately, a partner for her son and suggests various people in her life. Melvin, however, thinks he has better taste.

The stage was simple as seen below but we managet to get good seat, not prime but god seats so it was wonderful.

Bertha is a mother re-marrying again and start making a dinner invite list with her son Melvin who is gay and trying to make him bring a partner (gay) to the dinner, the laughter and jokes and statements as the mother and son bond is explored and revisited.

So being mummy dearest who loves her son and a son that loves the mother (mummy knows he is gay but calls it dan lain lain lol) she suggests men as the market butcher’s son and an unmarried distant uncle who is suspected to be gay.

In between the laughter, I feel for Melvin, of the social and political and realities of life by being gay and trying to find a partner, the pain and joys of a partners coming or leaving all in between innuendos and punchlines that leaves you laughing till tears comes out.

As a parent, as a mummy she wants what best for her kid, accepting he is gay and moving forward talking about her experiences with men and while he shares bout his flings...

In short its worth watching..

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