Monday, February 08, 2010

Hockey - Rules we have to live by ( and some)

I am not a Hockey critic but a hockey supporter. I rarely blog bout hockey but over the week I had an interesting chat with someone only bout hockey and I was not afraid about being quoted.

Whats are the failures of hockey? Structure - People - Planing. I dont even plan to start don't even start on funding coz its immaterial, without that 3 might as well not talk about it.

At any point in any organization at any given time there are weakness bout structural and people. Structural can be changed, modified and strengthen but people?? There will never be a fool proof situation. What is needed is a simple understanding of our limitations, our strengths and working your way forward. What is is needs in a business like thinking? What the drawback is everyone is thinking that's their way forward?

In most business from time to time (putting aside your budget meetings), the management, senior management gather together, where the CEO or MD or President outlines his goals get fedback and comes out with a general plan for Hockey. You dun need to do it in a 5 star hotel or a RM500 bucks a day meetign room. With the progression made on communication just emails should suffice.

Simple Agenda
1. The year we had
2. The year we wanna have.
3. This is our short term goal (2 years while we are in office)
4. This is our long term plan (3-5 years no matter we are re-elected or not)

Any any Chairperson of a subcommittee in a National or State level if they actually have a plan? A goal? A target? Its still not too late. While some may say flash words as KPI, let be bold to keep it short and simple KISS.

Once you have defined the overall objective it merely needs watering down and brain storming at the respective levels and a PLAN to reach the over all objective. Simple?

Yes it is simple, provided you have people who realise they are answerable to the position they occupy and the people they are answerable to have the gut and conviction to make changes. In the business world there is no room for slack. I work in an environment, if you do not perform chances are given, reviews are done but if you just not good enough you are shown the door. Granted that Hockey is not a money making sport and your appointment letter does not indicate a salary bracket. Hockey is still an organization, as long you have the courage and conviction you are game on.

My opening line in this thread I spoke about weakness both structural and people. If you look at the structure of hockey both male and female especially at state levels is at shambles. Poor organization set-up, old rules and consitution certain branches only come alive during SUKMA to organize.. Why? $$$$

People are afraid of change, but in actual fact if you are good in what you do, why be afraid. Any change that comes with proper planning is always welcome. When the constitution of the National Hockey Body was revamped it was in the promise that a top to bottom structure was in place. Prior to this only, a select number of reps sat in committees. Affiliated clamored for change, wanting voice.

Then was voice given to affiliates, with representatives from states allowed to sit in all committees. It gave the voice. Having the opportunity to voice out your state plans, participate in National level decisions is a gift. Today it does not seem so. The very people who approved the changes are the same very people who criticize that. The language has not changed, so why has sub-committees failed?

Its failed when States do not the nominate the right people to the right committees. It failed because the the Chairpersons appointed does not have an agreed plan. The bottom line is it fails because no one cracks the WHIP.


Anonymous said...

Well done glad our breakfast meetings are convincing and mind blogging as I see it has spurred you to write this! Great write up mate! Keep it going ....

Anonymous said...

Do you think we are capable of such changes in a sports organizations driven by Money and favors?

I seriously doubt it. If any one crack the whip the rest of the group will go against him. The enemy of my enemy is my friend


Anonymous said...

Boy you sure are not gonna be popular with this article. Truth be said its got a point but I dont think they will ever want to give you a microphone.

Anyway bro I admired what you did in the Selangor League despite all the problems cause by a number of people in particular the one person.

They are the kind of people who are designed to fail others. You got a good team of people who can work and from what I hear they are not even in the Council.

Take out the trash.


Anonymous said...

a killer article babe..