Saturday, April 16, 2011

There are cows everywhere

It is indeed ironic but it is true there are cows in sports organization and other blind cows following them blindly and the funny part is they get re-elected every term.

Where does the fault lie?

Its comical at time when officials elected to post have cobwebs around them and only awaken a couple of months before to take credit or to discredit others. At time at matters that have no bearing but like a good media blitz, such cows and fellow cows whip it into a frenzy...

Why comical? They throw words such at illegal, un-constitutional etc etc just to gain popularity when in fact they are the poison that kill the sport.

At times I admire people on the ground who are crying for activities and trying to revive the sport only to be held hostage by cows and fellow cows who hold a bunch of votes. Hence the word majority rules.

I am here to do a job, leave the politics at the door and come and work with me, I will work with anyone even my enemies but NEVER use it as a platform for self interest.

Do we need change? YES
Do we need to educate the affiliates? YES
Do we need fresh face ? YES

How when the majority is with the cows? Maybe just do what you do best, when your term is up walk with your head held high

Vadai walked the talk

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