Sunday, December 25, 2011

Movie Cast Away - Ending - Life ever thrown you a curve ball?

I often think about Life ever thrown you a curve ball? Something happens that you would never have expected. Especialy with my kid around I tend to spend think of eventualities and probabilities. I look at the lives around me and try and learn from them

I do know what I want to do in my future, when my kids grows a little older but there is always that curve ball. It may very well be that it is not the curve ball itself that surprises us, but it is the disappointment from our expectations not being fulfilled. Is our expectations too high or they were placed on the wrong people

I love the details when Hanks comes back, like getting ice again, and I was always really affected by his simple realization about life’s setbacks, “The sun always rises, and you never know what the tide will bring in.” Maybe it was how good Hanks was in that scene, but I always loved that simple line.

Which bring me to the Movie Cast Away with Tom Hanks, I love the ending for Castaway no matter how many I see the movie - In then end Tom was driving up to deliver the one package he did not open on the island to that woman's house who later drove up in the pickup.

I love that Hanks is at a literal crossroads, that he feels the wind and revels in the knowledge that he has complete freedom of choice, nothing holding him down. The music swoons and we move in on him, and he looks past the camera, maybe to Mexico, maybe after the pretty girl in the truck with the ‘wings’ symbol, maybe he’s looking at nothing at all. And then it fades out.

The ending means sometimes people reach a crossroads in their lives where they don't know which way to go. Life is often ambiguous and sometimes options are ones that leave you with more questions than answers.

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