Monday, October 19, 2009

Well I am back and still busy

Gosh I been away from blogging too long... I have taken up more responsibilities and more task and trying to juggle with in that all is a crazy thing but somehow I seem to be liking it and it keep me occupied.

I am not sure if it is the challenge or the ability to savour the moment that drives me, but I try to keep my feet on the ground and remind myself of the Sword of Damocles

I have a responsibility to keep doing what I sam doing so long I been given the trust and task. Many do not seem to understand, I am kind of a guy that dont belive for one second in Auto-Cruise, which for the outside world it seem so easy.. hence the legend of the Sword of Damocles

So what is this legend about... Cicero tells the story of the Sword of Damocles in his Tusculan Disputations. The story is based on a legend about the Syracusan tyrant Dionysius II and the fawning Damocles, who called Dionysius the most fortunate person ever. Dionysius offered him the opportunity to try out his lucky life, and Damocles readily agreed. Amid all the gold and luxuries that Damocles could enjoy, there was a sharp sword hanging from a slender thread (and in imminent danger of dropping) above Damocles' head. Damocles quickly wished to go back to his less fortunate life.

So for now its gonna be a crazy week. Mon - Petronas & Technical Meetings.. Tues - Licensing. Wed & Thur - Matches in Pandamaran Fri- Prep Sat - Umpires Exams & Jnr Vadai time , Sun - VIP visits to the Stadium.... dang there goes the week

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