Thursday, March 17, 2011

I love this game

I love this game, I learned it from my teaches, I played it, I coach people in it, I have umpired it, I have manage teams in it, I have organized it, pretty much done everything for the love of the game.

Its not a sport you make money out of it, doing what I do it is a sport they you do have to spend a little money. But the pleasure of getting the job done, playing the game, forming a team, battling it out on the field or turf or courts the rewards and unmeasurable.

so it becomes pretty frustrating when people set up blockades and tai-chi and try to create problems for you. It is unfortunately they did not have the courage to say it to my face but choose an opportunity when I am not around to blackball me.

Have the guts to ask me question on my face instead of trying to influence the people behind my back.. and to the people who are listening to these fella... I got 3 words for you "BE THE MAN"


marie said...

marie said...

If it was me I only have 2 words for these buggers.... and I think you know what they are...

Anyway, welcome back to blogging... keep posting!! cheers