Friday, July 22, 2011

Ending of a chapter - suicide

“Suicide is man's way of telling God, "You can't fire me - I quit."” Bill Maher quotes

If you scroll thru the internet you many kinds of death and most of the in those posted in main stream papers or the WWW are tragic or unexpected ones. We generally read it in passing unless it is someone we know or met in our journey thru life. Sometimes it becomes a coffee table or happy hours point of discussion

In all honestly, I struggle to comprehend death especially its timing, why some are in my opinion before their time and some you wish it was sooner. I dont believe in shift the blame or death to a high being that's taking the easy way out,. In a society that demands for clear definition and questioning WHY? in every possible subject, we tend to take the easy way on this subject.

While trying to wrap my head around that, I am faced with another conundrum - suicide. If death if hard enough to accept the manner in which an individual decided to end his or her life and the dramatic impact it leaves on friend and family if beyond words. It is a whole different ball game, Maybe I over think about it but i cant help my self.

JESSE VENTURA, former wrestler and Governorship of Minnesota in his book "I Ain't Got Time to Bleed" said 'I'm not disparaging suicides when I call them weak, I'm pointing out that anybody who would consider doing a thing like that needs help. I don't think a normal, mentally healthy person commits suicide.'

Sitting down Tuesday returning my quiz night I was approached by a fren that informed me someone I know had committed suicide. Did not matter young or old? I was shocked to hear it. There was a range of emotion as the news sunk in ..Shock, a loss for words and in the mind were question Why?

It easy to type out we have problems we should over come, we never will know what was on that person's mind to drive them to suicide, walk a mile in their shoe!!

What adds to that conundrum is despite all the family and friends and lovers they had they could not speak it out or share it our or confesses or work the issues out and death was the only option. the sad part is we did nto see it coming , there lies our failure as a fren or a family or as a lover

A life is lost and thats sad.

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