Wednesday, July 06, 2011

I love what I do - another first project of its kind

I love my sports, I am passionate about what I believe I can do and get people alone to help me out... bout two years ago I got elected to a position, ironically as many can attest I never went there to get elected. Why? You could say I am am the kind of guy that swims against the tide so that make me a trouble maker....I know the rules and I know the opportunities, so when I got elected I got to work.

Short term goals long terms goals I was determined that n my 2 years of being elected, till the term expired I will give 101% and set standard that people can look up to and emulate. I guess I am lucky to have a Deputy President that shares the same passion and vision of what we must to do dig ourselves out of the hole we are in. It was never easy... while some toiled some just warmed the seats.

But we set standard and continued to improve ourselves and the people around us to raise the level of the game in this state. We did a lot of things First, heck we are proud of it, we wear our colors with pride, granted there are some lame asses who want to steal the credit, who want to bring us down... go ahead... you know why? we are here for 2 years to do a job. If you want us back you know where to tick!!

ANOTHER FIRST - I am working hard right now on another project where the goal is to get 150 kids below the ages of 10 & 12 from schools in the Selangor and have a clinic to improve their skills while having fun at the same time learn about the Razak Cup and its 48 year legacy. I want to give the kids the opportunity to look at the trophy, touch it , take pics with it. I want to get National players and former Razak Cup greats to come, lets the kids see them, take pics with them, listen to them talk about their experiences.

It has not been done before and I dun plan to make it a one off event!!! Throw away you game-boy, Facebook, PS2 for one morning of playing the game you love and have fun with and meet the STARS. Whats wrong in that? I want the kids to be in awe when they meet the National Players, or when they look at the Razak Cup Trophy, when the former greats of Razak show up..

I am working hard, working my ass off to make this happen, coz I know in my heart and mind if this works the chain reaction it gonna rock.... the I will be in my corner patting my own back as I watch the kids enjoy

Help me help you...

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