Tuesday, August 09, 2011

My Word is Stronger than Oak

Promise only what you can deliver. Then deliver more than you promise.
~ Anonymous.

This statement is from a movie starring Tom Cruise. It denotes that a promise from me is stronger than any contract you can ever sign. Basically its bout keeping you word, or your promise, in this day and age with the vast improvements in technology and communication and the advent of social networking tools people tend to neglect the promises they make or the word they give. It boils down to responsibility, ever more so in today's world you have to be responsible for you action, your deliverance and not take people for granted.

I do not make promises I dont keep, and do my best to deliver what I said I will, but I shake my head in amazement when some dont even care. Forget about life and death, even the simplest things like after confirming that you will attend the match and you dont show up and the cheek to come around later acting nonchalantly like nothing happened?

Or a fren who says I will meet you at 6pm but doesnt show up or forgot about it. In the end, what makes man a man are the choices he makes. Not his past, not his rapport, but by the things he stand for.

That counts in my book.. so stand up and deliver instead of pussy footing around

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