Friday, August 05, 2011

You must a dimwit to argue with an Umpire

There was an opinion written in The Star Today about Malaysian hockey must bite the bullet, overall he touched about the recently concluded Razak Cup and Hockey in Malaysia.

As I read thru it having been apart of Razak as a player and Umpire, I understood where he was coming from

There was a paragraph or two that got my attention.....The experienced teams like KL and Perak were a letdown when it came to sportsmanship and discipline. My daughter commented. “Why are the national players protesting relentlessly at the referee each time?”

Being a qualified referee and player I could sense the players were “playing” with the referees to gain advantage. This is an unacceptable culture. We need role models.

"people argue with the umpire when they don't agree with the decision the umpire has made in the game"

Does it actually happen? Based on my experience yeah is does, there is a whole of a difference between questioning a call and arguing a decision. I am not gonna single out National Players coz it is rampant throughout the system. Its ok for Players to argue.

So there hockey players who represent state and clubs can be categorized as intelligent/educated players... well not like we can call them stupid players right!! . Why do so many players argue so vociferously with refs after a decision has been made, most players must be truly a tubelight.... How often do you see a decision reversed as a result of protests? Umpires after all are only human, the only thing to be achieved is a wound up ump....

Now how many time have we hard this phrase and yet time and time again we see it happening, especially with the advent of players swearing at umpires and the Tv camera catches them

The problem they get away with it. Team Captains let it happen, Umpires turn the other cheek, Managers (dont get me started), Coaches add fuel to fire, Technical Officials who dont bother all this and more contribute.

Now I ask you this, when is the last time you saw an umpire being applauded at, thanked after the game for a good advantage, a correct decision... Gosh I dun recall ever... It must start, and must start with everyone!!!


aravin said...

after reading this....well for me an not a super star of the are being paid to call the game down to the middle..there's no two ways about's a job the person has choosen, so just do it...always remember that

darthvadai said...

Arvin - I think you lost the plot.. the objective or topic is about players who argue with Umpires especially in this country

aravin said...

the standard of umpiring in the country has gone from bad to worse..players and managers argue because..1)..poor knowledge of the rules. 2)..not fit enough for the game..hence unable to be in the correct place to make a call in the game..3)..poor use of advantage a result making players unhappy..this all happen when umpires board did a stupid thing by bring down the passing mark for the umpires it is done in this is only killing the game.with this problems arising year in and year out..what is there not to argue about i say.