Thursday, October 06, 2011

My two cents

Time and time again we do not have the conviction to make brave decisions for the good of the game...if at all times its gonna be a popularity contest whats the point.

Time and time again we become the laughing stock of other nations because of our compromises, inability to make a stand.

1. For MHC there are no states that are affiliates of MHC only reps from MWHA & MHF.

2. States cannot be affiliates of MHC & MHF - dont make sense dual membership. Name the state that hold dual membership??

3. Be brave
a) Invite as per the constitution the reps from MHF & MWHA to the EOGM - they are the one with the power to change the constitution

b) Invite the states as OBSERVERS for the EOGM as they are not members

c) Full membership for states that have merged the men's and womens like KL, Penang and a few others entitled 1 vote

d) Provisional membership for states that have separate bodies for men or women. For a term of one year - this forces them to merge or else they dont get voting rights coz at present state that have merger get 1 vote, states not merged dun have any votes.

e) Reduce the number of VP. go back to the basics 1 President 2 Deputy President (1 guy 1 lady if you really want) 3-4 VP dats it then ur sec-gen Treas-gen and states are council members.

4. Make a stand
States struck off bar them... yes it kill hockey at lower levels but its the law, go down tothe ground, meet reps there work with them ot revive the body

well dats my two cents

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