Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Wat the heck are you trying to do?

Did someone shift the goalpost when were not looking??

In today news NST Hockey: MHC prepares to take over - spoke about the merger of the men's and women's hockey association in line with the international governing body (FIH) December deadline.

Fine and dandy, then came the shocker where only 10 affiliates from each body were invited. So there is an uproar from the remaining 6 on the men's side and god knows how many more on the affiliates on the women side.

Here is what I cant figure out so can someone explain to me like I am a 6 year old? Cos this is what I dont understand

1. MHF http://www.malaysiahockey.com.my/- 16 affiliates,
2. MWHA http://mhc-mwha.org - 9 affiliates
Pulau Pinang, Perak, Selangor, N. Sembilan, Kuala Lumpur, Pahang, Terengganu, Sarawak & PDRM

MHC was formed on July 16th
On Jul 17, 2005 in the NST - MHC the solution - by Jugjet Singh
THE Malaysian Hockey Confederation (MHC) was born yesterday, and will be operational once the Sports Commissioner's office endorses it. The Malaysian Hockey Federation (MHF) and the Malaysian Women's Hockey Association (MWHA) met yesterday, and agreed that the best compromise to satisfy the International Hockey Federation (FIH) was to have MHC as the umbrella body. The MHC will be responsible for organising international tournaments, but the local leagues and other development programmes will still be run separately by the MHF and the MWHA.
MHF president Raja Nazin Shah said they had three options on how to satisfy the FIH, and the MHC was accepted by all. "The first proposal was to merge the MHF and the MWHA and the body would be called the MHF, and the second proposal was to have a body called the MHF with Malaysian Hockey Association and the MWHA as members.

"But the third proposal, which was to have the MHC with the MHF and MWHA as members was the most popular," said Raja Nazrin. The MHC will have no more than 10 elected office bearers each from the MHF and the MWHA. The proposal will be sent to the Sports Commissioner's office tomorrow.

The MHC will have a president, a deputy president, four vice-presidents, four council members, one secretary, one assistant secretary, one treasurer, one assistant treasurer and not exceeding four independent members.

"The election will also be fair for the MHC, and for example, if the president is from the MHF, then the deputy president will be from the MWHA," said Raja Nazrin. And the situation is the same for the other positions. For example, two vice presidents will be from the MHF, while two from the MWHA. And if the secretary is from the MWHA, then the assistant secretary will be from the MHF. "The representation will be on a 50-50 ratio, as we want both the men and women to be equally represented when making decisions," said Raja Nazrin.

Elections will be held every two years, and if there are any conflicts in either the MHF or the MWHA, the MHC's decision will reign supreme. "We have always had a good working relationship with the MHF, and this new umbrella body will make it even better," said MWHA president Raja Puan Sri Noora Ashikin Raja Abdullah.

a) Now the members of MHC are MHF & MWHA so how did states apply to be direct members of MHC?

b) When did the constitution of the MHC change to increase its membership to include other states?

c) are the 10 states holding dual membership in MHC & MHF???

d) By right the only people who can vote at the MHC-EOGM are reps from MHF & MWHA, the reps from the states are observers

e) States hockey association merges or un-merged needs to apply to be members of MHC you can de-facto transfer membership from one association to another. The constitution stats that clearly.

In compliance with the directive of the International Hockey Federation, the Malaysian Hockey Federation and the Malaysian Women’s Hockey Association was amalgamated to form the Malaysian Hockey Confederation (MHC). As a result, the Malaysian Hockey Federation and the Malaysian Women’s Hockey Association ceased to be Ordinary Members of OCM, with the Malaysian Hockey Confederation taking their place. The Council approved the Malaysian Hockey Confederation as the sole governing body for Hockey in Malaysia on 14th October 2006.

So when I read the news article that only 10 states can be sent letters to something is VERY WRONG!!! States are not members of MHC, they are members of MHF & MHWA, they have no voting rights they are observers.

Only members of MHC can vote at the EOGM - now you have to define who are the members of MHC

The problem is the organization are not being transparent on who are the 10, how they got selected and most importantly will it be legal... We cant continue time and time again making blunders and then paying the consequences for it

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