Friday, January 10, 2014

Nice way to end the year

Tomorrow marks another milestone, a nice way to end 2013, its the Div 2 finals of SHL2013, a state without a turf that continues to run the league, take part in almost all national tournament and winning some of them.

However, there is not enough recognition given to people behind the scenes that make it work, the people who not only have a FULLTIME job, but a family, responsibilities, commitments and  shit load of other stuff. Despite all this, they spend time, to come together to do the job or carry out the task assigned to them and do it to the best of their abilities sacrificing their time especially on weekends. 


Of course there are mistakes, sometimes somethings over looked,  but I would work with people like these on any day of the week and twice on Sunday as the saying goes. Not just the league, even preparations for tournaments, people who work behind the scenes to prepare the team often get the short end of the stick.

What I find today is a growing culture of unappreciative amongst the participant and teams, the way people are hung out to dry should anything goes wrong seem to be getting more vicious and crude. Words that are used in public is not the way we were brought up.

Over the past few days I have had to fight off the urge to scream or swing the bat over the silliest excuses by teams and officials, sometimes I had to bite my tongue because of the position I hold and the image it creates if I lash out... oh yeah, patience  if not my strongest virtue. Part time people helping to run the league the best they can, are ridiculed, scolded and at times held for ransom, and I HATE it.

There are many a times I drive my team up the wall, I have a simple rule, if you cant do the job, step aside, someone else can , because there are deliverables when you dont do it the whole team looks bad.

People today are quick to criticize, lament about enforcement of rules and bitch about officials, but when you ask them to help or advise... all TIN KOSONG. These guys come nad  help hockey coz they are PASSIONATE about it and if you dont know the meaning GOOGLE it

If I were to pick on a few times, I would have lost it and gone on a rage
1. Bukit Jalil - KL vs Selangor National U21 when an idiot (unfortunately is a member of an affiliate of Selangor was urging KL to score more goals against us, yeah we lost 5-1). Imagine my rage, imagine the feeling of the boys who are playing?

2. SHL2013 Semis - when another idiot instigates and works up the crowd just coz he doesnt like the opposing team and its coach. Hockey does not people who are there to run down the game.

Hopefully tomorow when the league ends, its a mile stone for all of us, I am the last guy who wants to be infront of the camera but if you get a chance to shake hand with the guys who works behind the scenes and thank them. You be surprised how much that can mean to a person.

For me, I am smiling, why? Via a VERY VERY suppportive No 1, 2013 has been an awesome ride Winning the National U16 Indoor 3 times in a row was great, Winning the Razak Cup 2013 was a sense of accomplishment and duty to take us back to where we belong, winning the National U21 was flipping awesome because the President believed in long term development and I had to fight detractors along the way.

My goals for 2014
- Get the turf up
- Stay in Division 1 Razak Cup
- Win SUKMA Silver
- Reach the Finals U16 - Indoor
- Get a Big sponsor for SHA

Hey we cant keep on winning - no turf... yet!!!

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