Friday, October 19, 2007

Awesome Weekend Coming up

Firstly Birthday greetings to Kavitha,

Seondly Angel having BBQ for her house warming but me cant make it, but I heard she sneaking in to have some soup hmmmmmm

Now for sports

Rugby World Cup Finals

Wow what a party its gonna be, we are all gonan kick back and have Green Label and watch it... maybe in Klang hahahahah

Both team have done well to reach the finals Boks consistence, strong and fucking tough and the Roses picking them up, improving dramatically. Though the Boks beat them 36-0 i the league, this will be something else. I want Boks to win

Watch out for these 2 players to shine Boks Habana & Roses Johnny Wilkinson

The 2nd part of the weekend

F1 Baby!!!! Interlagos BRAZIL!!!!

3 way tie for the Championship. You cannot get a crazier circuit then Brazil

For the first time in over 20 years, three drivers will fight it out for motorsport’s ultimate prize at the final round of the season this weekend. Lewis Hamilton is clear favourite, thanks to a four-point lead over McLaren team mate Fernando Alonso, but the odds rarely tell the whole story.

After one of the most troubled title defences in living memory, Alonso will not give in without a struggle; and then there is Kimi Raikkonen, waiting to pounce, Ferrari very much at the top of their game.

Awesome Weekend

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