Friday, December 21, 2007

How thursday went about

hmmmmm my Thursdays was actually quiet interesting and varied after spending Wed night celebrating the farewell with friends. Brian rashwan who got the most of my ribbing suggested a lunch time movie. So off we went for a tamil movie. The movie was Billa, a remake , so so story but chicks were good looking...hehe

Before that went for a drink which turned out to be an awesome lunch for 2, me and rashwan really enjoyed and it been some time since I had indian spice hehehe. It was awesome indian food lunch near by and the fish was awesome definitely have to come back there again.

Check out the fish

The chicks however for the lack of weight int he movie came out with revealing outfits that kept the attention going, one of them was a Lora Croft wanna be but failed to deliver, the only thing they had were sunglasses ( a rack) almost throughout the movie haha

The icing on the cake was Pint Beer chilled later inthe evening at HRC 4 nice glasses of them and 2 came courtesy of a hotel guest from Singapore.

Conversation shifted from politics to soccer (she is a KOPPER) to food, later adjourned to Crossroad where the band played one of my my fav song and dedicated it to me ( will blog that later) for today it will be Crossroad and then a farewell to the Bisik man

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