Monday, November 17, 2008

My personal Masseuse

I would like a masseuse and lo behold I was offered complimentary services......So coming back after a tiring day, my darling Junior Vadai says to me come I massage you leg.... no this is someone whose definition of massage is chopping grabbing massaging hard etc etc ... but I was all smile watching him trying to easy the tiredness off..... not if only I had a glass of wine to go with this


Anonymous said...

what a cute masseuse you have. like the way he is twisting ur leg. hey wait! u sure he was not trying to pull it apart? :)



darthvadai said...

Reserve my comment on that by saying its the thought that counts hehe

TP you see how rough he can be

Anonymous said...

hahahahahaha! i think after that seems like nothing happens hehehehehe!