Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Taking chances on people

People believe what they want to believe, much of the time. I don't mean to say that they believe things without any reason, but they believe, oftentimes, without good reason.

Most people will give some reason why they believe something. But an indicator of the fairness of their point of view is how they respond to even-handed, fair criticism of their view and to evidence for an opposing view. Lots of people have reasons for what they believe, but when those reasons are refuted--when they're taken away or weakened by other evidence--do they still stand on their point of view, or are they willing to adjust their view based on the evidence that comes in?

Same as in human beings such as you and I. Most of our fallacies are usually related to taking chances on people.

Wanting to believe to believe the best about people does not make it tru, being afraid does not make it false.

I have always taken a chance on people we dun recall the times it worked out but we always remember when we got burnt. I hav has a gut feeling about a friend that interacts with me frequently, we are hot and cold but remember birthdays Dewali Xmas has always has us in each other background and a bond that not broken.

Past 2 days i had a feeling it was not right, on the way back from work I ask is there was something she wanted to tell me, her tact response was how come despite the I was far away I could sense something was wrong, told her I am not Copperfield just a gut feeling but nothing came to pass till a 1am plus sms.

The plot thickens


sparks said...

we can choose to 'shift focus' from negative & bad times ....to positive & good times....& keep recalling better times

age mellows us :)

darthvadai said...

oooooo sparks is back!!!!

sparks said...

and she is on fire baby......