Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Anyone can rat, but it takes a certain amount of ingenuity to re-rat.

Babygirl1 quotes " Why do people ALWAYS seem to go on and on about being the bigger better person when someone mention revenge? huh....Are judges in the supreme court NOT mature? From ancient history revenge have been a part of ALL societal function, utilized among the classiest people one can ever imagine. Are you saying it's OK for persons to wrong others and go on as if nothing happened? Why don't we just open ALL the prison doors around the world since revenge is so wrong?....Let me tell you one thing, emotional WOUNDING outweigh any physical pain that any criminal could have inflicted on their victim that cause them to be behind bars today, yet Majority of people underestimate emotional damage that's been inflicted on someone. REVENGE is a mature act, there's NOTHING coward about it, neither does it lack integrity. Part of the pain one feels after they've been hurt is the fact that they were unable to avenge the situation by carrying out whatever act they feel would ease their pain. Society is made up of mostly hypocrites!!! Revenge is wrong for weak minded people only."

There is a saying there is 2 sides to a coin, while I dont support it I am certainly not against it either. I have had my fair share of exploding and imploding. There at times in my life i have taken revenge and not ashamed to say it but there are equal number of time I just walk away.

Coming across this comment I have to give it, its fair share in weight. It is true if you look it from the other side


Anonymous said...

revenge is sweet but where/when does it stop? when it hurts the perpetrator or when it hurts those close to perpetrator? or assuming the same error is made by immediate family or close friend (eg. rape, abuse etc), should you just forget the whole thing regardless of impact of mistake done? inconsistency in judgment isn't it? revenge... ahh, so so sweet... but does it really heal the wound?

i dun care. i'll still go for it. a lesson has to be taught. and sometimes it falls on our shoulder to teach it. why term it as revenge? call it teaching a lesson. at least, you can live with a better conscience


drNO said...

i'm in the verge of it too...revenge aka teaching a lesson, so that the perpetrator will remember that mistake n never would repeat it!