Friday, February 06, 2009


Well for the 1st time I went to this Chilly's well first time to chilly's ever in a long time lol... in my memory... I heard a lot bout it so it was an opportunity to try something in the advent of killing time

Well the view was breath taking spent more of the time admiring the aerial view of it... I used to go there time ot time after work and just have my coffee bean and look at it.

The foodt at Chillly's aint much to shoudl about some nacho and spagetti and finally a molten chocolate was desirable and mouthwatering but was pretty full. The company was excellent and that took my mind off the sood

Oh yeah

Sukkuran - I am gonna have a blast with this word

Again the view was worth it


CLEO said...

pakcik jgn lupa bawa i makan2 sana nanti yer hehe

Anonymous said...

what's sukkuran

Anonymous said...

I am beginning to hate the word...


m4rilyn said...

lama i xpg chili's