Thursday, February 26, 2009

No 1 is no more

Thru this journey we take, our day to day routine at times we are confronted with issues that weigh on your mind, from petty issues what should I eat today to if I should quit my job. My dad always said a quote that I often use time to time " Son, I was sad I had no shoes till I met a man with no feet?"

Tuesday evening my number 1 uncles passed on.. A while back I blogged my uncle slipping into a coma and the debate raging in my mind over home care or house care.

My mum called me to informed me as I was at work, it was not a shock but a resigned face he has finally rested after over 5 months in a coma.

He is number 1, the chief the eldest of them all along which he carried his family and brothers, a quiet man, a humble man, growing up I would never have heard him raise his voice, gave me away, always made it a point to see him once a while especially during Depavali, he would ask how i am, bout my job etc etc.

Even at time ridiculed for being too passive he has his own way, a person someone always looked up to. An "Annai" to every one ..... just not sure what to type... in summary to quote not to compare ... Einstein on Gandhi – “generation to come, people would disbelieve that such a man flesh and blood ever walked on earth”

We lost someone good today!


Anonymous said...

my deepest condolence...


Anonymous said...

love such as this is hard to replace.. my condolences


Anonymous said...

my deepest condolence bro, I think u mentioned abt him before.

dani said...

my condolences

a toast

drNO said...

sorry to hear that.
my condolences
i'm sure he will be well remenbered

darthvadai said...

Thanks you Sparks, TP, tooth, dani, Doc

its a second death in less then 10 days this one hurts bad