Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Uphill Task - Hockey

Have you ever tried to start a car after a year? 2 years? 3 years? Its worst then an uphill climb. Same like trying to organize activities for a State Association. While AGM reports can be plastered with so called activities but when you are an affiliate and you do not have activities for affiliates why should you waste money and time being a members of that State Association. I might as well go and be a member of the neighbouring state. Why? Heck I get to play in a league.

So here we are, no league, no knockout over the past few years, affiliates down to a small number, most playing in a neighbouring league how do you start the car? Its not like your coffers are over flowing with cash either.

You bring people who have the drive, people you know can deliver, not yes men, not quiet men but people who can work. It will never going to be easy, you have to peel off layers, you have to encourage affiliates to come back, you got to find funds etc etc etc

Start small, kick off with small activities, dun reach for the sky, nobody is going to believe if this is all just talk. Plan a calendar, even if the participation is less plans it execute it, make it good, run the tournament, promote it, show people something is being done. People will come back, teams will come back.

You cant turn this over night nor can you hit the ground running, like the rusted ball above with a little polishing month after month year after year, if you can hold on you will find a shiny new ball below.

Publish Post

So we start off with the following

Sukses will be Jul 10-12 Press release for Champions Schools - Selangor will be released

Champions Schools Jul 18/19 - Press release for the Selangor Hockey Association K.Ramalingam Cup 8-a-side closed will be released

K.Ramalingam (god bless his soul) Cup 8-a-side will be the August 1st weekend - Press release for the Selangor League ( god willing) will be launched

SHA website --- any sponsors? I got the opportunity lol

“Some people make things happen, some watch things happen, while others wonder what has happened”

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