Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Talking to my blog

Its been about 2 months since I actually had the freedom of the drive to talk to my blog, yeah talk... Since April 1st I have been on over drive mode... new department, old politics, coming face to face with issues, more traveling, weight going yoyo, and really really stressed out both at work and at home...

I did not have the usual channels of release no no not sex but doing the things I used to do... now when work if officially over the quiet murmur from management we got to pull in extra hours and I am like WAT?? Isnt the 10-11 hours we are pulling in enough?

OGA this year was crazy, from an organizational aspect we succeded again but I was not happy, despite planning, QC everythign was vetoed, might as well let them decide on everything.

OGA this year had the quantity but not the quality, like window shopping, but I loved the mee kari there.

Post OGA wrap up I am with this organization 4 years... feeling frisky if I should test the waters, we shall see how the cards layout.


One Woman's Thoughts said...

Hey, nice to see you posting back again. If u r planning to test the waters, just make sure the tide is not high and the waves are calm. But of course we cannot know that now but I'm sure you would be able to foresee.

A great friend told me once, no matter how many hours we put in our job, work is always there. work is work but I'm sure u will find way to destress yourself from it all!!!

God bless

darthvadai said...

Thanks babe... If you only knew how swamped I have been

Catch up with you soon. Hope you score in Bali