Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Our beloved Stadium

With the progression of hockey from grass to artificial turf the game of hockey has changed. In Selangor we had 2 stadiums Pandamaran & PJ there is also another turf at UIA withign the campus

PJ turf is dead, rumors are it will be converted to a Futsal count, why not an indoor hockey court, if we cant afford to lay a new turf and we can afford to change to a futsal court why not an indoor hockey court, the infrastructure is there, the base is solid.

Nothing against futsal but already have too many mushrooming around us

Below is the state of the Pandamaran stadium. I must say this it is one of the best kept facilities with the annai and uncle there trying to keep it from falling apart.

It recently got some touch up, a little paint and a little sewing of the turf. This is the only venue for Hockey in Selangor left.

We need to upgrade a lot of thing it in but lets start small. Lets tackle the turf cleaning and the Technical Table which is rusted and already broken. Lets strategize slowly to repair the lighting, after all we paid money for it right now the lighting is dead.

Small changes like repair of the notice board and other minor stuff.

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