Monday, August 17, 2009

You have idiots and idiots,


M sorry but we seem to be spiraling out of control in terms of manners, patience and good behavior. All of them seem to have gone to the dogs, we do not have courtesy, we do not have manners and what ever steps taken to rebuff them you get an arrogant, insensitive and crude remark.

Be it from que cutting, parking in a disable lots, to stupid insensitive behaviors in supermarkets and life threatening behaviors like beating red lights, que jumping at traffic lights.

How many times have you found a lane turing left or right becomes 2 or 3 lanes especially at a traffic light.

The list goes on...

Venting here


One Woman's Thoughts said...

least censor the car number la dei!!! haiyo haiyo haiyo :)

darthvadai said...

why is it your car?

Me got nothing to hide

One Woman's Thoughts said...

i may know the owner heheheheh :)
Sorry not my car :p

darthvadai said...

if you do know the person... I am sorry for you