Monday, August 24, 2009

Press Conference

Honestly I have never handle a press conference before, I mean I have organized one but let the big boys field the question, but when an ice breaking dinner for the new committee was turned into a springboard to a full blown press conference it was indeed a rush.

Being the deputy chairman flanked by my chairman and sit under the glaring lights was very unnerving, in his capacity he has handled too many PC but for me was a 1st.

So he calls me at 5.30pm, bro I have decide to invite a few press people to our ice breaking so we can talk about our plans and ideas etc etc. I was like!!!!!!

So what is a press conference if we do not have objectives, goals and key point to talk about, I had 90 minutes to turn this around, got my 5 talking points, one major future goal, printed out pictures and soft copies for any one who wanted a set.

There was actually a lot of people from the print media, The Star, NST, RTM and the other dialies. I actually enjoyed the limelight, the ability to take question although my bahasa was rusty it was a good PC.

My Chairman being seasoned in this loved the materials I had prepared and we went forward with it.

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