Monday, August 24, 2009

Interesting Friday & Reunions

On the back foot because of indiscipline and irresponsible offical who and whims and fancy can make documents be misplaced my drive for Selangor Hockey took a back foot. After securing sponsors for web pages making it self funded I was faced with more red tape by @#!@#$!. My plan was to soft launch the page by Sunday morning!!!

After more consultations with my internet frens on how to go forward, frustrated enough more so being a Friday a lovely lady from Germany posted on face book how good beer is for bones... after all one does not need an excuse to drink but it was a well worth incentive.

So Off I landed in HRC for my regular discussion and debates and my favourite pint. Being the last day before the fasting month, I was joined by many regulars and it was a nice get together.

After that was a hop over to Oswego where I had not visits over 6 weeks. YES YES 6 weeks, an old friend was down from Penang with another in tow. This what happen when you have hardly 24 hours notice lol. This is a lady that almost without fail will send Junior Vadai gifts for Deepavali and other occasions. It was a refreshing to hear from her.

She and her friend had to do their office provisioning but we manage to squeeze some time together. So it was off to creasian with M busy with her camera taking pictures of me and A and a competition between the 2 worst pool players, Me and M went toe to toe with incredible never to be seen shots, white ball being pocketed, mis cue until Jason was having a heart ache watching. Well it all fun.

Nevertheless the enjoy Creasian and especially the ambiance and FOOD.

As we were playing pool, then landed Mr & Mrs G.Singh, this became a 5 some more chit chat and suddenly plans were changed.

All I know from a night ending bak-kut-teh it was to a Punjabi dance floor the kind of "watch-girls-dance-pay-10bucks-if-you-like- how-they-dance" to a full Punjabi dance bangra pub. gosh almighty, I was home safe early in the morning but what I heard from G that went home only at 6!!!! Imagine that. Thank god I knew when to call it quits

Overall in summary is it was worth it catching up, it was nice to share idea, see new things, I had not been in the KL scene in a long time so it was good company, nice appreciation and lots of bites lol

Back to work lol


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Gurdip S.Mann said...

Vadai!!! .... Most important thing, we all enjoyed bro!!! Will learn how to call it 'Quits' and MRs.G says that wat we call Punjabi Bhangra!!! Chakdeh Chakdeh mate!

darthvadai said...

Dipu.... no wories mate, its just I started early if not would have stuck with you all the way