Friday, September 11, 2009

Its Friday - my least favourite subject ? Hockey

3 days to go - crunch time

In 3 days this is where we are

Soft launch of webpage
Plenary meeting of the League
Competition Committee
Training of Technical Officials
Formalization of Budget

Well done Vadai!!!

Well what can I say, push come to shove we are here at this juncture, some may find it a culture shock, but we are what we make ourselves to be.

Hockey in Malaysia, its a big picture that no one has an actual grasp. Shocking ain't it but that the actual position we are in. There is no master plan, there is no direction, there is absolutely nothing.

Give each state a piece of paper and break it down to 2 columns, their achievements, and their goals & objectives, they will struggle to fill it. In hockey, we have resigned ourselves to lifestyle that is more 'tidak-apa' then actual care, an orientation that is more noise oriented then object driven, we have allowed this system to sink in and become the norm.

The only way to change is to start at the ground level. Each state given targets, simple one, 1 tournament/league/competition for each age bracket. Under 12, Under 16 and Open. If you work hard to achieve this then you find the rest will fall in place. No one will place a bet on a dying horse!!

When I walked into an AGM/BGM, as I faithfully do meeting after meeting raising concern and trying to make a change, people do not want me in (not coz I am prefect contrary I am NOT perfect, I am the most thick headed, hot tempered, result driven, talk a lot, buggers you gonna get in and out of the hockey field) but I bring change. So what have I done since I was have been on board is due to the effort put in a small bunch of dedicated people fighting against the system, within the system and against traditional set accepted standard of condut and administration.

Yup its RUST, I could sure use a few more helping hands. Anyone interested

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