Thursday, September 03, 2009

Selangor League - reality or failure

Here is a snap shot in number

6 - No of affiliates eligible at last AGM

7 - number of years no Selangor League

4 - Number of years no hockey competition for Affiliates

23 - number of team the ad-hoc marketing team approached

17 - is the number of people who said "please dont not hesitate to ask for help"

26 - is the number of people we asked for help

5 - is the number who actually helped

3 - the number who claimed they helped

?? - teams committed to the new league

?? - number of new affiliates

wait and see


Anonymous said...

5 actually helped out of 17 offering is not a bad number u know.. especially considering the number of hypocrites we meet daily, that's pretty good. count urself lucky

darthvadai said...

Trust me when I say I am very appreciative, I can look them in the eye and count on them.

Not trying to be sore or wat there 5 were not part of the 17

Anonymous said...

This is the real world.

You need help from someone, they have to benefit from it. Either way, they must feel like winning.


Gurdip S.Mann said...

Thinking! . . 5 or 17??? hehehehe

darthvadai said...

DIP you asking bout which category you fall into or you lost count again?