Thursday, September 24, 2009

Speed : Police Officer Jack mode - Hockey Style

Its time kick ass and switch on turbo mode, I am 2 days away from a flurry of meetings and activities and a week away from the start of the league.

After being in MHF or rather being away from MHF for a long time I feel kind of rusty, not like that have been falling head over heel in trying to support us with materials or soft copies of information, having to re-type, compile and re-edit and put together a 40 page handbook is no easy task.

If one must move forward he must be prepared to challenge the present system, daring to make changes and motivate other to move forward with him. Only then can progression take place.

In the end we will all be judged by what we try to accomplish.

Fro the record : People remember bad things more then good things

So here are the upcoming activities

1. Sept 26th 4pm- 8pm - Technical Seminar (Close Door)
2. Sept 27th 8am - Umpires Fitness Test (Closed Door)
3. Sept 27th 9.30am - Umpires Briefing (Closed Door)
4. Sept 27th 10.30am – Technical Briefing (Closed Door)
5. Technical Committee Meeting 2.00pm (Closed Door)
6. Team Managers Meeting 4.00pm
7. Oct 3 2009 3.30pm – Opening Match of the League

All at Stadium Hoki Pandamaran

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tp said...

you are so so busy.. but good for SHA though. finally rolling