Thursday, November 12, 2009

Tine flies

Time flies.. it sure does... out of the blue in my MSN drops an offline message of a news paper link to The Star Metro. I clicked on it coz it was from a trusted source. Lo behold I was greeted to this picture and the corresponding article.

There a little kid dressed to the max acting her heart out in front of all the proud parents and it was wonderful to see a coverage in the press. There were no prizes for guess who was in the picture as I has received an MMS of the little girl in the costume and instantly could relate to her. I know this kid directly and indirectly since she was born and she is a little darling... a little princess that from to time I have chatted on the phone who would recite her nursery rhymes to me. mmmmm good times


Time sure flies... soon it the Junior Vadai concert

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