Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Trophies has landed

One of the biggest challenges in a league is consistency. Almost like running a marathon you stick to the pace, the rhythm despite attempts by people to destabilize, to challenge, to have envy is all norm we jsut got to live with it and move on forward

We pick battles we can fight and WIN we deflect situation that are not worth of a fight.

Today I can see the finish line but we must not let our slack down, it is at these times we must be stronger, work harder and smarter.

What we have achieved up to now wont mean a thing if we do not reach the finish line.. all the good press coveraged form Malay Mail and The Star, the support from sponsors like Mercian & Milo, the support from state bodies like MSN, MPK and most importantly the hard work of the guys on the field.... wont mean a thing if we drop.

I was so motivated to have the challenge trophy in place today. 69 cm tall. Yes 69 cm

Medals for top 4 places overall champions
League Champions & Runners-up also get medals thanks to MILO

Overall Champion

Piala Pusingan Juara Keseluruhan Liga Hoki Selangor Piala Dato Hj. Mohd Nor

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