Thursday, November 12, 2009

Half Way Mark - Hockey League

Well we have reached the halfway mark of the league on the Nov 5th weekend, as we were paying the allowances I decided to write a note to all the officials..

I am a hard headed SOB if I wanna be and I am driven to achieve goals and targets. We have a lot riding on this league, confidence, credibility, respect, point to prove and unfortunately there are more people within the organization who rather see you fall them make them selves look good.

It does not take much to roll you sleeves and walk into the field and help out instead of being present for photo taking opportunities. I am blessed coz the No 2 shares the same mentality with me and is equally driven. At the same time we have to ask question what about the rest at the top> Any one want to turn padang?

All this I shield and deflect from the people running the show.

What I am proud of it is not alone man show, there is an equally hard, responsible team and there is dedication. Being where we are doing what we doing after a long lapse take a lot out of you. It takes a lot out of me in all aspect but I am determined to see the finish line at the set date of DeC 20th. Come Dec 20th you will hear the name of this league

Back to the note . Why the note you asked? - Like is said I been driving the official hard, strict stern and making them toe the line coz all it takes is one screw up to bring bad publicity. I always told them people dun remember good things they read in the press but they will remember bad things they read for along time.

Work hard Play hard... not like I could take them out to a beer and show my appreciation so I wrote them a letter in my capacity and personally thank each and everyone and motivate them for the remainder of the league