Thursday, February 24, 2011

Admiring Gianfranco Zola

I am a Kop, I love my team be it in good times and bad times, thru thick and thin that the team I love, that is the team I will be with till my dying day.

Sometimes when I look at football fans around I see idiots, its one thing to support your team but its a whole different world to chastise or hurl vulgarity at the opposing team and some of there are not only when children are present at the stadium but as restaurants and viewing parties. I got only one opinion about them. They are crap.

If you believe in the ideals of your club, you will behave in a manner that reflects the characteristics of your club. As much as I love my club you cant help but admire some of the players who have played for the opposing team that you would bow down as she show off their skills, or score amazing goals against your team or other teams and at time shake your head in disbelief.

Listening to the radio today, I could not believe this player was I down part of the Champions League Trophy Display roadshow. All it took for me was watching him on TV playing for 5 minute. I was in awe. I would rate him as the greatest player ever to wear the blue of CFC or even for West Ham. The man with the widest smile and shortest legs to have ever graced the EPL/BPL. The one and only Gianfranco Zola

Listening to his voice on the radio I am reminded of the kind of goals he would that would leave me as a Liverpool fan speechless.
  1. Like the back heel against Norwich
  2. Gianfranco Zola final Chelsea goal

"Any hero of a football club needs to produce moments which look almost super-human. When somebody’s best goal for a club comes in a fourth round FA Cup tie against Norwich City, you know it must have something special about it. Burnt in the memory of any football fan is the image of Zola gliding through the air, left leg outstretched, whilst his right foot deftly flicks the ball behind him into the Norwich goal. It became the most vivid image of Zola’s time at Chelsea, a pure depiction of genius and the kind of goal that needed several replays to even comprehend. "

Listening to him talk over the radio was a wonderful way to remember the little man's skill, and his ability to mesmerize and torture an opposition defense. Unlike some of today football so called super stars he was such a fantastic role model for youngsters, truly are up there with the greats. Zola's freekicks were breath taking... he remains to till today one of the greatest exponents of the direct, curling, swirling set-piece.

I ever doubt that a single fan from any of the opposing team would be able to muster a bad remark against him ..... A Perfect Gentleman footballer.. I do hope I get to see him this weekend

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