Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Making choices

“Nobody ever did, or ever will, escape the consequences of his choices.”
Alfred A. Montapert

To start off I aint perfect, I have my my good my bad and my ugly. I like to say a mile in another shoes then you feel my passion, my pain and what make me tick.

When it comes to friendship or relationship I have had too many battle wounds, I carry my fair share of them. Why? I wish I knew, could it be coz I go into it with heart mind body and soul or that I been taught, of have learned thru life the value of all relationships be it friends or family.

At time when I look back at battle wounds analyze them why I still carry some venom against some of them, I am reminded as forgiving and as back-bending as I can b, there are at time I need to stand my ground.

There is a big difference between being thick headed and making a stand and at times when family was concern I have stood alone with no regret. Heck even I do stand alone at times but these are the decision and choices you make and you principal in standing by them.

Some fires are still burning lol

Recently I tried to find some closure on certain events in my life, its not an easy but I resolved that I need to find for I have carried that rage for far too long and enough was enough, I had the platform (although different from the one intended) and opportunity to meet talk and be civil. It help remove certain roadblock and allowed me to move forward. I told why I had that rage against that person, and why it is this long... to me the excuses presented now dun matter anymore and life goes on... while the care exist the trust will never be there. My 2 cents it is their loss.

Not to fault other, I have had to make tough personal choices in my life but I am glad I stood by them

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