Thursday, July 16, 2009

Frus (2)

Any good work you do,
any small step you take forward there are many
who are willing to undermine the whole organization for their own self interest

Where is the passion?
where is the commitment?

Some would say welcome to the sporting politics but unfortunately this is not it, in hockey this was a tragedy waiting to happen, apathy, lack of accountability & responsibility lead us pulling out from participating in a National age group Tournament

Heck only a week ago they were all together at the finals of one tournament smiling for glory, didnt any think to bring the subject up

I wish the key officials were there standing in front of the players explaining then in the eye why they cant go?

This is TAUFU

While the repercussion from this will be hard to swallow coz we are working so hard to get forward we still have to drive on. We must press forward from this

Oh then there is that jackass who is part of the team but send smses to everyone how we F!@#$ed up. Wierd aint it

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