Friday, July 24, 2009

Selangor Hockey News

It nice from time to time to get some milage, not for political not for personal gain but in all sincerity to get the WORD out. I have more often then not lamented bout starting from scratch, no files to hand over and how hard it is starting from zero.

We have had a few speed bumps, frustrating long nights but above all we got the job done. We have a team that want to work, and as they say action speaks louder then words.

I have always had online support from my fellow hockey enthusiast and bloggers like

Hockey- Asia,
Voice-In-Sports &
Loose Cannon

Today we manage to score some good articles in the main stream press

Selangor want to play role in development of hockey

IT DOES NOT END HERE, you have to progress, set short term and long terms goals you have to show then you have a program and we do we have a Calendar!!!

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